Why I Love Twitter

As you may have seen from previous posts on Ginger Girl Says such as “25 People I Could Hit In The Face With a Book” and “The Evolution of Facebook” – I’m not the biggest fan of Mr Zuckerbergs baby. Back when Facebook was all shiny and new it was exactly that: shiny, new and a step up for the hipster ways of Myspace. Once I’d jumped ship to Twitter, I never looked back.

I read once that the difference between Facebook and Twitter is that Facebook makes you hate people you know in real life and Twitter makes you love people you don’t know. When I wake up in the morning I can spend a good half an hour (and the rest) scrolling through my newsfeed, laughing a little too loudly and getting my fix of overnight gossip like a drug addict.  ILOVEITITSMYTHINGLETITGO.  Facebook on the other hand, I find myself scrolling through and becoming irrationally angry and wanting to reach for a wine bottle or nominate hal of my friends list to become guests on Jeremy Kyle.

Seeing as it was Valentines on Friday and my lack of sharing love with a gentleman figure has left me with an abundance of love and nowhere to channel it I thought I’d offer it up to the most consistant factor which makes me smile, makes me laugh and provides a reason for getting up in the morning.


Twitter, my followers and my followees (is that the right word?) – why do I love thee?

People on Twitter are funny. Hilarious even. It’s come to the point where I can guarantee a giggle by reading certain people’s tweets. I’ve actually considered pitching an idea to a TV producer where they find a topic for the week based on “whats happening” in the news and then spend the whole show reading out the hilarious tweets associated with that topic. TV GOLD. Everyone would be peeing into their sofas.

It’s like therapy. I sometimes find that Twitter is like thinking out loud, to a mass audience. Having a crappy day? Just vent. Instead of thinking something about the smelly woman on the bus with more facial hair than Santa Claus and make up that looks like its been trowelled on, why not tweet it? You’ll give someone a giggle and and you’ll also look really witty. If not a little judgemental. ISN’T EVERYBODY A LITTLE JUDGEMENTAL?

Being on Twitter puts you in touch with “like minded people as yourself” – in my case this means people who moan, have potty mouths, filthy minds, get a little bit sentimental at times, want to be Beyonce and find David Beckham crazy attractive. 

Developing Twitter crushes is perfectly acceptable and SOMETIMES they can become more than just a crush. I once wrote this blog post after going a date with a guy I met via Twitter. I’m the first person to admit that sometimes I follow a person based on their profile picture. Particularly if I’ve followed them via Beards & Tatts. I also have a friend who follows three different types of tweeters. “People who like football” “university students” and “hot girls”.

You’re ahead of the game and in the know. You know when Sky News is all **BREAKING NEWS** I’m often like “Pfft, saw that 2 hours ago on Twitter”. Whether its finding out what butt clinging dress Kim Kardashian has worn or who Man United have signed, having a Twitter feed surgically attached to your hand means you’ll be the one out of your socia l circle saying “did you hear about…” and looking smug like you’re Trevor McDonald or something. 

You know your favourite boyband who you’ve lusted over for years or the writer over your favourite book who have always been pretty much on the “famous” side of the street and untouchable? Well, Twitter makes them accessible and you can follow the same as you would the woman who lives down the street. This not only gives you an insight into your “idols” day to day lives and inner most thoughts but also means you can interract with them. I’m received tweets from some of my favourite celebs (and I don’t mean in a “OMG MY DOG DIED HERES A PICTURE OF HIM IN MY ARMS PLEASED RT ME” kind of way).

Sure, there are some twatty people looking to troll on Twitter, but on a whole they’re the kind of people who jumped ship from Facebook whe everyone started posting Tumblr reject quote images and paragraph long status updates about their childs latest poo. Meaning they’re just as awesome, funny and repulsed by such activities and will more often than not join you in a good rant about why people in general (who aren’t on Twitter) are arseholes.

What do YOU love about Twitter?

  • Amen to that sister! I hate Facebook and have recently come off of it, but Twitter is my true love forever and ever and always. The people seem nicer somehow, it’s funnier, and you’re right, on bad days it feels like you’re shouting into the abyss. Weirdly, a lot of my “real life” friends now I met on Twitter too xx

    • Charlotte

      I feel like that with people on Twitter, especially in blogging you come to think of people on Twitter more as “friends” than real life friends especially with blogger meet ups. My best friend I met via blogging/Twitter x

  • I am becoming a little bit addicted to it too! Just about got to grips with the limit on content!

  • La La La Lucy

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Love this & completely agree – I find that I feel less lonely with Twitter