The Jeans That Took Me Out of My Comfort Zone

Skinny jeans haven’t been the be all and end all in the denim world since mom jeans came bursting onto the scenes with their high waists and relaxed vibes. I’ve been on the search for the perfect mom jean, but as any internet shopping addict will tell you, sometimes it easy to get distracted when you just can’t find when you’re looking for. This is exactly what happened with these flared, crop jeans from boohoo. Way too stylish for me in theory, after all, I’m not your usual Megan Ellaby with her hella cool 70s vibe trews, but something about these and their frayed hem called out to me… and it wasn’t just the 20% code.

These jeans are out of my comfort zone, that’s for sure.  They don’t suck me in anywhere, they crop at a point which isn’t the most elongating for my legs and let’s face it, they’re an acquired taste.  I ordered them on a whim fully expecting to hate them and send them back the very next day but as soon as I’d zipped them up, tucked in a tee and pulled on some boots, I loved them.

I’ve found that because of the cropped length, the jeans are best paired with a cute peekaboo from an amazing pair of boots and these silver glitter sock boots are the perfect pair. They also prove that you can wear glitz after Christmas without feeling like an idiot. I usually live in black boots, they’re a wardrobe staple, but every now and then I do find myself picking up a pair of boots that I fall in lust with but have no idea what to style them with.  These boots are no exception and I’ve really struggled to find the perfect outfit to pair them with.   Until now.


Can we talk about that red?  Everybody needs the sort of coat that pulls together an outfit and can easily hold its own as being the main focus. For the days you want to feel stylish and sassy, a well cut and bold coloured coat is your best friends. This longline red coat is exactly that. It’s versatile, looks great and is the perfect in-between comfort and style.  It’s dressier than a duster jacket but less tailored than a blazer.

I love a good designer handbag dupe, especially seeing as I’m not in the market to invest in the real thang and let’s face it, I change my handbag more often than I change my underwear. In fact, I’d hasten to guess that each of my handbags has a handful of loose change and at least one lipstick lurking at the bottom (with an empty packet of gum) due to the frequency that I switch them out. Which is why this Chloé Pixie dupe that I picked up in Primark of all day places is my new favourite find. At £10, it’s the hottest shape of the season and comes in black, tan and grey with gold hardware. Better yet, it’s about £1000 cheaper than the original.