The 1975 “The City”

Last month I shared with you a couple of songs from the new band in my life The 1975, since them I’ve began to infect most of my Twitter timeline with my enthusiasm for them (my mum even asked if she could buy Chocolate on CD – cringe).

The video for the new single made its debut yesterday and as I sit here typing its 1am, and I’m sat in my PJ’s, some over the ear headphones on and listening to this track until my ears are ready to bleed.  I need to see these live, I don’t think the phrase “It would be freaking awesome” will cover it.

A new single and new on my “most played of April list” – The 1975 “The City”.

(You’re welcome.)

  • I think I fell in love with this song!
    And I fell in love with your blog and the way you write, too.
    I couldn’t sleep last nigh and I somehow ended here: I’ve found a new favorite blog!
    Alright I’ll stop before you think I’m totally crazy.
    xx from Italy!