Simply Be Acid Wash Dungarees

The dungaree trend is one that I’ve seen creep slowly but surely onto the high street and into the wardrobe of a number of my fashion blogger favourites, as seen on the likes of the wonderful Mrs BeBe and Callie Thorpe. Denim, floral, dress down or dressed up, there’s something about the dungaree trend that just smacks of playfulness and the good old days of the 80’s when dungarees were in full force and even my mum rocked the trend along with a head of permed hair.

Love em or hate em, dungas really are the marmite of the fashion world. Some people love them and can’t sing their praises enough mainly because they’re the dressed down denim version of a playsuit and because they’re reminiscent of child hood – I for one remember running around in a pair of dungas and getting to grips with the (what seemed like) difficult fastenings for toilet breaks.

But at the age of 28 could I rock a pair of dungarees in the same way that I (no doubt) rocked them at the age of 6 years old?

simply-be-acid-wash-dungarees-wonder-woman-ginger-3After Oprah Magazine in America published a feature on crop tops with the text – “You can pull off a crop top if (and only if!) you have a flat stomach” Instagram and the plus size blogging community have got their crop top bearing bellies out in full force to challenge the statement, and I’m not one to shy away from wearing a crop top. Sorry Oprah, but my stomach isn’t flat but I decided to well and truly dress down my dungas with this a Wonder Woman crop top that I picked up from Primark last year in the sale for the bargain price of a quid (I kid you not!) that is an oversized gem.


These dungarees are the Acid Wash Short Dungarees from the Label Be range at Simply Be, and as with the Aztec Denim Shorts, I’d most definitely recommend sizing up to avoid the dreaded camel toe or “baby wearing a full nappy” chic. I usually wear an 18 and these are a size 22 and are still quite snug fitting around the waist, so that’s 2 sizes bigger! All the pieces I’ve tried so far from the Label Be range have sized up small so I’d bear this in mind when ordering.

These dungarees are currently gracing the “maybe” pile of my outfits for Style XL at the weekend (as with a million others that I’m not too sure about) – if I don’t end up wearing them make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a “dungas dressed up” post I have up my…well, dungas (!!) to show the versatility of these denim wonders and to prove that they’re not just sand pit attire.

How do you feel about dungarees?

  • Well you look AMAZING. I heart that top!!!

    I’m getting so tired of seeing articles about what we should and shouldn’t wear… if you like it, wear it! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Laura

    You look absolutely incredible!! I love the look of dungarees but especially the short versions xxxx

  • I love dungarees but I find them a little too casual most of the time.

  • You look adorable! <3 I want some so bad, gona have to find some ASAP xx

  • You look wonderful! I couldn’t believe that Oprah article – what a load of bodyshaming crap.

    Rachel |

  • Laura nuttall

    Love this and it looks like the back of my house lol I live in Basford maybe everywhere in stoke on Trent looks the same though lol x