Motivational Monday: Take 5

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the woman we all love to hate, Samantha Brick.  If she isn’t spouting utter nonsense on the Daily Mail website, she’s all up on This Morning projectile vomiting her verbal diorrhea.  “Men would leave a woman who was obese”  “the ultimate failure in life would be to be obese” – she’s actually the anti Girl Power.  All of this woman on woman bashing is starting to get me down.  The likes of Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Scary and Posh did NOT spend 2 years of their life jumping around on stage in those amazing stage outfits, crazy platforms and more lipstick than you could shake a stick at for us to all forget those Wannabe days and start attacking eachother.  Never did I think when I was standing in the playground with 4 of my friends*, trying to perfect a dance routine (and vocals – HA!) to Say You’ll Be There that the line between Girl Power would become so blurred.

 spice girls

WHAT HAPPENED TO GIRL POWER?  There’s so much negativity, backstabbing, revelling in eachothers failures rather than high fiving eachothers achievements than having eachothers backs – and people like Samantha Brick are simply fuelling the fire.  People like Samantha Brick need locking in a room, forced to watch Spice World the movie over and over and over, and listen to the entire Spice Girls back catalogue and read Geri Halliwell’s autobiography until she changes her bad god damn attitude and stops encouraging woman on woman hate.

Which is why my “Motivational Monday” is in honour of GIRL POWER. those good old days when wearing a Union Jack tea towel as a dress and pinching Prince Charles’ bum was acceptable.