LIFE || Beat Cancer, No Selfie Required


The word “naked” and “selfies” hasn’t caused so much uproar on my Facebook and Twitter timeline since that Page 3 debate and that infamous Ellen Degeneres Oscars selfie.

“Post a makeup free selfie to raise awareness for cancer”

*removes makeup*

*tries to take a flattering photograph where my lens doesn’t crack and doesn’t offend the hot men who follow me on Twitter/am friends with on FB who I try to subtly seduce and charm through my witty status updates*

*goes to post it on all of the social media sites*


What use is this going to do? Other than self indulging in posting yet another selfie, what sort of awareness will this raise for cancer? I’m aware of cancer. My grandad had cancer. My friends mum has cancer. Cancer is an absolute b*stard and I, as well of hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and around the world are well aware of it and have been affected by it whether its directly or indirectly.

That doesn’t mean to say I think raising awareness of cancer is “pointless” – the more awareness given to these charities the better, but after seeing the 10th “naked selfie” on my FB feed it began to seem like a bit of a bandwagon to jump on. A face with no make up posted on Facebook isn’t going to fund the time and equipment needed to try and find a cure for cancer, and if not a cure, a drug or treatment which gives those diagnosed a pain free or more comfortable life with their loved ones. My face, hot cloth cleansered, buffed and moisturised isn’t going to pay for those precious few moments that a mother has left to spend with her daughter, it won’t make the pain that a child struggles with daily any easier, it won’t give any comfort to a son who sits at his fathers bedside knowing there’s nothing he can do except HOPE.

Post your makeupless selfie. I’m not dissing them completely. Seeing young and old people get involved in this en masse shows just how powerful social media can be and is a breath of fresh air considering how sometimes it can receive a bad rap (NekNominations anybody?). All I’m saying is this…

If each person I’ve seen on my timeline donated to Cancer Research AS WELL as posting their selfie – surely that’s HELPING MORE than pose, click, flash, post. Surely if the people posting to say “what good does posting a picture of you with no make up actually do?” donated as well. Donating £1, £3, £5, £10 – that amount x the number of naked faces and moaning people I’ve seen is what can help save, prolong or enrich peoples lives.

Instead of buying that new lipstick, that overpriced coffee, taking the bus instead of a taxi or walking, put your fingers and your phone to good use & donate, it takes a matter of seconds. You can donate online via the Cancer Research UK website & you can donate via text. Simply text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 from your mobile phone. You’ll be charged £3 plus one message at your standard network rate. They’ll receive at least £2.81 depending on your operator.imageWant to donate more? This is the one time when its okay to double, triple and quadruple text.

  • Gemma Button

    I agree that everyone should be donating too, I’m going to :)

    Just because people are only posting selfies it doesn’t mean they are not helping,(unless they do so without an explanation why, them people not saying that their selfie is for cancer research are doing my head in, totally defeats the object) even by you saying ‘the 10’ people on your Facebook proves it is working, that is ten people doing the selfies spreading the word encouraging others to donate, if they are in a position where they can’t afford even £1. You have written a fabulous blog post saying why you think it’s more important to donate, maybe this was their intention, to make people talk more about donating? Clever campaign I think with other hidden motives more targeted towards getting people to donate than first meets the eye.

    Either way it is working, everyone is talking about it, the power of social media amazes me every single day, if it can help with important issues such as cancer it has made the world a better place, that and allowing me to tweetstalk Niall Horan :)

    I love this post :)

  • So agree with this. I’d be interested to know what CRUK’s stance on the whole thing is.