I Like Big Butts & I Cannot Lie


I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny, when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face…

I know brothers can’t deny, but can “sisters” deny?(is that what us girls are called in this ghetto world, let me know) 

This post has been inspired by the latest pictures of the queen of the ass, Miss Kim Kardashian. To me, Kim Kardashian can do no wrong when it comes to dressing for her body type – some people may not be in total agreement with me (alot of the world in fact) but I love how she wears outfits that are solely focused around complimenting her butt.

“I’m doing it with class.. cos I got a big ass.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of the women that I have style/girl crushes on are the owners of rather shapely derrières – whatever you want to call it, rump, junk in the trunk, ghetto ass.   I think that this may also be helped along by the type of music I listen – I can be a serious ghetto music whore. Turn on my iPod just lately and if I’m not listening to The 1975 or Ed Sheeran then I’m listening to Beyonce, Minaj, Shakira, JLo (you get then bootylicious picture) and trying to perfect my Beyonce booty bounce.  In the past there’s been a certain stigma attached to women with a “big ass” – but with the rise of more curvaceous women and people like Kim Kardashian and Minaj, there’s been an influx of women embracing and their big booties. Some women love having a big bum, some hate it – the same with men but I personally LOVE having a big ass.

In a bit of a “your learn something new everyday” side note (I’ve got to make it worth your while coming onto my blog, why not a bit of education?): Did you know that in relation to Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, CONSCIOUSLY when a man sees a woman with with big boobs and a big butt he’ll think about that delicious visual of intimacy with said woman, HOWEVER… the appeal of of big boobs or a big butt/child bearing hips is more indicitive of fertility and nursing of offspring. So when a guy is staring at your ass in a club, you may think he’s “a bit of a one” who just wants you for what junk you have in that trunk, when in fact deep down he’s actually thinking about how well you’ll raise your offspring.  Oh I do wish David Beckham would stare at my ass….

So this post is in honour of all the ladies who’ve ever looked in a dressing room/bedroom mirror, done that half twirl, looked over your shoulder and asked “does my bum look big in this?”

YES! YES your bum looks big but its fabulous, bitch.

  • Kirsty

    I have always loved my big bum…until recently when cellulite has creeped in and made me sad and wobbly. Still with a few lunges and squats I am sure it will be bootalicious again. I would never swap my big bum for big boobs, I love that jeans are my best friend.

  • Mostly I am pretty OK with my body, but there is one part that is severely lacking.. I just have a flat pancake of a bum. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and work-outs to PUMP it up but nothing has ever worked. So ladies, appreciate your bum! I am forever jealous when I see a shapely one.

  • Helen Louise

    I have a huge bum, it’s ridiculous!
    I love your blog so much! Yay red-heads :D
    My blog – Cosmetics, clothes and cute things (: