Good Things Come to Those Who Chase


It appears that there two schools of thought when it comes to getting what you want or what you deserve in life and how you should go about approaching it. The first is that good things come to those who wait.

This school of thought, in my opinion, has only ever rang true in two instances.

1. Waiting patiently for an end piece of a birthday cake so you get double icing and loads of butter cream = sugar coma.


2. You know when you’re absolutely bursting to use the toilet? That moment when you finally get to “make use of the facilities”, that feeling right there is completely unrivalled. I sometimes think that there may be an 1/8th of an orgasm mixed in with that feeling. Am I right?

The school of thought that I’ve been a fan for the last couple of months is that “life is short” and that if you want something, then you should go after it and grab it by the metaphorical balls. How many times have you sat around waiting for something to happen and thought “this is bullshit, I want this to happen now.” I’ve always been a get things done kinda gal, I usually get what I want OR find a way of making something happen. In short – I’m pretty head strong.

I thought for a while that I was emulating some kind of Ginger Spice/Girl Power “go forth and conquer” attitude in seizing what I wanted. What I thought was grabbing life by the metaphorical balls and giving them a good tug and tickle, was infact me just embarrassing myself.

I’ll be honest, I’m no stranger to a bit of  embarrassment. I’m on the curvaceous size, I’m ginger, I still declare my absolute love for Westlife (ILOVEITITSMYTHINGLETITGO) and I’m more than happy to goof out and play the class clown.

Recently however, recently I have gone off the scale in terms of embarrassment. when my life flashes before my eyes, my most recent adventures will make me visibly cringe. And cringey moments do not make the best of flashbacks.

With this in mind (and taken from various text conversations with friends who are that kind that are like “no, those jeans do not make your ass fat, the fact that your ass is fat is what makes you look fat. Those jeans just make you look denim”) I’ve decided that perhaps I need to loosen up the reigns and expel myself from one school of thought and join another. Moving forward in life I’m going to live by “good things come to those who wait”/”what will be will be” motto rather than chasing after things, because I’ve learnt the hard way that this often ends in tears.

In hindsight, I would much rather have that 1/8th of an orgasm feeling after two pints of Guinness and a half a mile long toilet queue than be that twat who treks half way across the country to wind up being disappointed. That level of disappointment is one that I’m getting far too old and far too cynical for.

Sorry for the seriousness.

Did someone mention buttercream, icing and cake……… ?

I asked my friend to read this post before I posted it, and she disagrees whole heartedly and thinks that I should infact continue to chase, because that’s how you learn and grow – give me your opinions in the comments.

  • Mark, bitch

    I think it’s a mixture if both. You’ll never get ANYWHERE in life without going out and chasing it. Or sometimes staying in and calling someone. I think it’s just about getting the balance right and knowing when is best to do what and in what situation.

    I think it’s mostly best to go and chase but then sit back and see if anything worthwhile comes of it; don’t try to force something beyond that. If it doesn’t work, go chase something or somebody else. You never know, something else might pop up in doing so that was completely unexpected – how most of the actual ‘good’ things in my life happened.

    • Charlotte

      I actually love your blog comments, they make you sound really clever x

  • I agree entirely. I often find myself wondering do good things come to those who wait, or if it’s meant to be will it just happen? Sometimes I think no matter how much you want something/ chase it, some things are just not meant to be. On the other hand, no-one’s gunna come knocking on your door to hand you the things you want in life! (I sound like my Mum)!

    Great post :)


  • jo

    I sometimes think though that some people just seem to have things land in their laps without having to any chasing at all! I am not one of those people sadly!

  • Shaz

    I think I’m the opposite of you Charl. I’ve spent too long believing that if you wait long enough you’ll get what you want. But how long is long enough? Or is it just a form of denial, not wanting to believe that that chance has already legged it and settled down with someone else…which of course won’t last! I’m now of the opinion that the perfect dream doesn’t exist and even the less than perfect dream won’t happen unless you seek it out. I’m not saying the ‘Bull in a china shop’ approach is required, but you definitely have to sow the seeds…and maybe water them a little…add a bit of Baby Bio….and if that doesn’t work just tip a pile of horse manure on and walk away ;)