BEAUTY || Evolve Beauty at MyPure

evolveorganicbeautymultipeptidesinglecreamcleansingmeltI mixed up my skincare routine this month by dabbling in a couple of products from Evolve Beauty at MyPure.

I raved about the Evolve Multi Peptide Single Cream* for Normal/Oily Skin on Twitter when I first started using it. I find that with skincare you can’t always see any improvement in your skin in a short period of time. With this I noticed a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin. When I applied my foundation I found it went on easier and my skin looked smoother and plumper. As with most new skincare products, the miraculous results seem less miraculous after a few days or a week but this is simply because you’re used to the affects of a product. I did lose this at one point (it rolled under the bed) and I went back to using my old daily moisturiser and I noticed a change immediately.

The only downside I’ve noticed with this is that it doesn’t quite hydrate my skin as much as I would like to so I’ve been making up for it with a richer moisturiser in the evening as I did suffer with a couple of dry patches). If I were to repurchase, which I most probably would, I may even try the Multi Peptide Double Cream which is designed for Normal/Dry skin.

The Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt* is a more fluid version of a cleansing balm which seems to be the new craze in cleansing due to the mass of balms which have appeard on beauty shelves just lately. Cleansing balms I’ve used in the past have been quite solid and need some warming up between the finger tips or on the skin, but this cleansing melt is already quite runny (which can mean its a little difficult to transfer from pot to face/I end up using more than I need to).

I apply this to a full face of makeup with my finger tips and massage it into the skin in circular motions and then remove it with a clean hot muslin cloth or a regular face flannel (I buy these in bulk – one can never have too many face flannels).

The only issue I have with the Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt is that it isn’t so gentle around the eye area. I like melts and balms because they usually manage to remove every last trace of makeup including stubborn eyemakeup as well as leaving my skin feeling moisturised rather than tight which some cleansers can do. This stings my eyes a little meaning I’m either left with panda eyes which I use a gentle eye make up remover on OR red eyes. A little disappointing as it claims to be “gentle”.