Evans How To Walk In High Heels


Being in the upper limits of the 5ft spectrum I often feel like I tower over people, even when I’m wearing my old faithful spotty slippers that go on as soon as I walk through the front door, so wearing heels is something I do find I struggle with.  As much as I love the glamour and sexy wiggle to your hips that a pair of stilettos bring, the burning soles of the feet and clumsy trips and tell tale awkward walking that comes hand in hand with them tend to put me off.  High high heels are good for a nigh out or an evening when you’ll be walking from the house to the taxi to a chair to sit at and reverse but on everyday basis I’m not the gal rocking heels in the office a la “the clackers” in The Devil Wears Primark.  Which is why when I was kindly asked to select a few items for review purpose for the Evans How To Walk In High Heels campaign including some heels (well d’uh), I opted for these mid block heel black sandals* for a) their versatility and b) the ability to wear them without feeling like I’m about to go head over arse.  I had a pair to similiar to these with a spindly heel and a tiny toe and ankle strap and by the end of the evening wearing them I felt like I wanted to make like the guy from Saw and aputate my own foot to make the pain go away.  “No pain, no gain” may be a saying but unsightly blisters and a hobbling walk ain’t so cute.


As you may well know I’m a little bit of a sucker for a pair of opaques and a dress or a pair of denim shorts (I’m dreading the day I get the “you’re too old to be wearing denim shorts and tights, give it up” memo from the fashion gods) and the closest I’ve come to wearing actual real life jeans in a long time is the Yours Clothings Jeggings I blogged about previously.  When it comes to finding jeans to fit my hips, calves and butt without any unsightly gaping or that weird excess of fabric where the zip sits on your jeans.  I’ve recently gotten over my “skinny jeans are for skinny girls” and when I saw a review of the Ultra Stretchy Skinny Jeans* I knew I just had to have them.  These skinnies feel exactly like you’re pouring your body into a pair of jeans.  They stretch a ridiculous amount without giving that weird white over stretched cast you can get when you over stretch jeggings, in fact, I think the stretching of these jeans is what makes them fit so well.  They cling in all the right places.  The waist band sits ON YOUR WAIST, the stomach area fits your stomach… you see where I’m going with this?  These jeans are an absolute revelation to me and have ultimately changed the way I think about jeans and skinny jeans in general.


When I saw this Ivory Art Print Shirt* I had to have it.  It’s bright, it’s floaty, it’s summery, it can be worn a multitude of ways and it just looks like it should be on some wall somewhere in a modern art gallery.  I’ve worn this shirt unbuttoned with a black cami underneath as a jacket/kimono but my favourite way to wear it is buttoned up, adorned with a statement necklace (this particular one is from New Look) and tucked in my jeans.  Which again is a completely new thing for me.  I’d usually be all for the swathes of fabric to float over my curves and cover up my derrière but I happen to think it looks pretty good worn this way.  HELLO HIPS.


Last but not least a pair of shades and this silver over shoulder/across body bag that I picked up from the Topshop sale for a bargainous £15!  It’s out of stock on the website but I’ve noticed a couple still on the shelves of my local store.  I worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear this with anything and that it would become one of the many bags that I buy just because they look “cool” rather than because I’ll actually, y’know, use them.

Are there any other skinny jeans out there for curvy girls I need to add to my new jean touting wardrobe?

  • You look fab! So often I hear my tall friends say they’ll never wear heels as they feel self-conscious but a tall girl in heels is great. Love this look.

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • Looking fierce and fabulous.x

  • That outfit is really lovely and you look great in it! I should probably take the mid heel advice cause head over arse happens too often to me, but i just get drawn to the prettiness!

    AlicePhillipss ¦ A Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • You look fantastic. I’ve recently got the “I can’t wait in heels” disease- all of a sudden the floor has started to look really comfortable
    I’ve bought a pair of ultra high waist black jeans from asos- super high and skinny!

  • I wish I wish that film was called the devil wears Primark

    Love dat outfit tho

  • You look amazing!

    I’m 5ft10 and live in heels. I walked (and had to duck) down the aisle in 6inch Jimmy Choos and totter about the office in sky highs all the time! I actually walk better in heels and love tower above people. Hope you grow to love heels more :)

    C xx

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