Broadway Casino Restaurant | A Hidden Italian Gem

“I just had the best steak of my entire life.” 

 Not a statement to be taken lightly, I’m sure you’ll agree, so when Terri uttered those words to me I just knew I’d have to hunt that elusive steak down and give it a try for myself.  After a very warm day of shopping in the Bullring with Terri, Tereza and Victoria, we hopped in an Uber and headed over to Broadway Plaza  for an early dinner at The Restaurant situated within Broadway Casino.The Restaurant boasts the comfort of sleek and modern decor which fits perfectly within the backdrop of a lavish casino whilst the kitchen serves up freshly prepared, authentic Italian cuisine with definite rustic influence.  

Our host for the evening in the form of restaurant manager Roberto Santolamazza who was as adoring and attentive as Italian mamma who makes sure your plate is always full and you’re always carb content. Roberto has worked as a maître d’ in top hotels in Rome and combined with the food, his charming “no request too large” attitude and passion for the culture and cuisine of his country is what really takes The Restaurant from Casino cuisine to Italian fine dining. 

Our meal began with an appertivo of crisp, chilled prosecco from the Treviso region followed by an Italian staple or green and black olives, freshly baked bread and an oil and balsamic dip.

For starters we enjoyed the most delicious fresh seafood plate served with an avocado and bean salad with Gamberoni, langoustine and calamari coloured with beetroot.

Following a Limoncello sorbet palette cleanser (delicious), the most succulent and tasty steak that I have ever tasted.  Cooked to perfection with a hint of pink (just the way I like it) the steak was served with wild funghi, truffle oil and shavings served with a puréed mash.  Every last bite of this dish was delicious and I was so thankful to be wearing trousers with a little bit of give as I refused to not finish every last mouthful.  Hot out of the kitchen we were treated to a preview of a fresh lobster ravioli in a rich creamy tomato sauce which handsdown, if I could have ordered an entire portion of, I would.

Our courses were accompanied by a choice of both red and white Sicilian wine chosen by Roberto himself to compliment both the pesce and carne.

I’m never one to turn down a dessert, especially an Italian dessert.  Tiramisu is my go to dolce order, an Italian classic and impossible (almost) to do wrong and this one was exquisite, light and airy and extremely moreish.  Terri opted for one of my other favourites (hey, I like dessert, okay?) affogato, the Italian word for “drown”.  Sounds fancy but essentially it’s a scoop of vanilla gelato served with a shot of  hot espresso.

(If you fancy making it at home and want a boozy twist, you can add a shot of your favourite liquor – Amaretto or Bailey’s works amazingly as does Frangelico, a hazelnut liqueur for a a nutty-sweet combination.)

As if we hadn’t enjoyed enough, we were served a selection of miniature dolce to accompany our Italian tradition of a caffe at the end of the meal.  The cream cakes were delightful, especially the cannoli – a traditional Sicilian cuisine of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta.

The food at The Restaurant was fresh & delicious and we were all positively stuffed (& a little bit squiffy from the red, if truth be told). For the food and service received, the menu is such a reasonable price with starters beginning at £5 and mains ranging from £11 for a pasta dish to £17 for one of the delicious steaks. Ideally located within the Casino, it’s the ideal place to dine before an evening trying your luck on the casino tables or taking in the other attractions of Broadway Plaza such as the cinema or even bowling – although the arcade don’t quite live up to the same thrill as a night on the roulette.

1-4, Broadway Plaza, 220 Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham B16 8LP