Bottomless Ramen Brunch at Shoryu Manchester

The prospect of a bottomless brunch sounds pretty inviting right?  Not only do you have the best of both the morning and afternoon food groups but you also have the option of washing it down with endless cups of tea, coffee or y’know, my personal favourite, prosecco.  Shoryu Manchester are now offering a bottomless food and drinks.

Shoryu is one of my favourite places for authentic Japanese food and with it being just round the corner from my works London office and one of my favourites to grab takeaway steaming ramen bowls from, the relatively new branch in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens excited me immensely.  Especially when they announced their brand new bottomless ramen brunch.  Bottomless ramen?  Now you’re talking.

Available all day on Sunday’s at the Covent Garden, Liverpool Street and Manchester branch, £38 will bag you not only as much ramen as you can slurp but also, bottomless consumption of a selection of drinks, both non and alcoholic – I’m sure you can guess which I went for.  I actually took this opportunity in between prosecco’s to try the Kobai plum wine served with soda over ice which has a really sweet almond taste to it, a little bit like marzipan and is traditionally served as an apertif (before a meal to stimulate the appetite) or as a dessert wine.

It’s not just ramen on the menu, in fact, due to the generous portion sizes of the starters and number of sizes and a typical case of me having eyes to big for my belly, by the time I eventually worked my round to delicious chicken curry ramen, I was stuffed.

I’ll hold my hands up right now and admit that I overdid it on the steamed buns, as expected.   Steamed buns are my standard order whenever I have japanese and about the plump bun combined with tender glazed pork belly and spicy mayo is just so, so tasty and moreish.  Yep, when we were asked if we fancied another we couldn’t help but nod.  Delicious. 

You can pick up to four sides each which are served before the ramen and offer meat veggie and vegan options and are full size portions rather than little appetisers as I expected which meant we had quite a spread between the two of us.  I chose the chicken karaage, takoyaki (deep fried octopus), Hakata tetsunabe gyoza and spicy Goma Kyuri Cucumber.


The good news is that there are varied veggie options on the menu despite it being a set one – which is good considering my brunch date was a vegetarian! Aside from the edamame with delicious seasoning (that we had two bowls of – whoops) there’s an Halloumi and Mushroom steamed bun for starters and Black Sesame Tofu with sweet miso sauce, Goma Kyuri Cucumber and a Wakame Seaweed Salad for sides. You can order up to 4 sides which means if you’re veggie you may have to double up on one. Ramen wise, the White Natural with tonyu soy milk, miso, konbu & shiitake broth, atsuage fried tofu, kikurage mushrooms, spring onion, menma bamboo shoots, nori seaweed is suitable for vegetarians and looked really creamy.

The Shoryu Bottomless Brunch does come with a time restriction, as do most but we found that the generous 1.5 hours meant that we had plenty of time to enjoy our food at a leisurely pace and order enough drinks to justify the £38 price tag.  The beauty of Shoryu Manchester is that it’s the ideal location for a spot of lunch and close enough to the Arndale and Selfridges for shopping or the NQ if you fancied drinking bubbles for the rest of the day.   I know which I’d prefer.

 Shoryu is located at 1 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 1RG and the restaurant kindly paid for our meal in exchange for this honest review. You can book your table for Bottomless Brunch or full menu online now.