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At the weekend I went and got “ma huur did” at Just Fabulous Hair in Stoke-on-Trent. My previously Toni & Guy’d style had grown out and my hair was getting to the “tie it up in a ponytail and hope for the best” stage. I needed a bit of a hair makeover whilst (hopefully) not having to lose any of my precious length to what I thought was extremely damaged hair.

My stylist Natasha, soon put my fears and hair paranoia at ease as she explained that my hair wasn’t anywhere near as damaged as I thought (those argan oil hair masks wrapped in a hot towel turban must have been doing the trick!).  We discussed what sort of style I was looking for (“length, layers, bangs”) which was both stylish but also easy to maintain for those mornings I’d want more time in bed over time sat in front of the mirror with a hairdryer.  Most mornings then.

I asked Natasha to give me a “blow by blow” (see what I did there?) walk through of my consultation, the cut and products she used to achieve the bouncy curled creation below.


“Charlotte came in to the salon and we sat and had a consultation where we talked about the condition and texture of the hair, the shape of the layers and the desired length. Charlotte has naturally curly hair so to start with so we used the Evo Calming Range which helps to strengthen hair, prevents colour fade and reduce natural frizz. I used The Therapist shampoo to moisturise and gently cleanse the hair, followed by The Therapist conditioner to repair, hydrate dry, frizzy and colour-treated hair. 

Before combing though Charlotte’s hair I used Day of Grace which is lightweight leave-in conditioner, this prepares the hair before styling and detangles without weighing the hair down. I started with the length, it was slightly curved so I used the shortest point to square it off creating a strong and healthy base line. I then moved onto the layers, I did a layering pattern called Transient length which inverts the layers to create volume on the top and thickness throughout the bottom. With the fringe I disconnected a triangle section and cut to nose length.

To dry I choose the Shape Vixen, a weightless lotion that adds body and provides long-lasting style support, I used a large round brush for massive volume to create a big bouncy curl, then smoothed and softened into the fringe and layers to add texture. I then finished with a mist of the Love Touch, a weightless finishing spray that adds incremental surface shine and protects styles from humidity then a blast of The Builders Paradise spray that holds the curl, style and support. 

Voila! Beautiful, full and bouncy locks!  We love…!”

  • That looks really pretty lovely!! x

    • Charl

      Thank you! I hope I can replicate it at home!

  • Helena

    Ah, it looks amazing! I always fear going to hairdressers so much. I have one of those hair types that just never ever grows, so I’ve been trying to grow it out for 5+ years now and I dread they’ll chop it all off, ahhh

    • Charl

      I think the trick is to explain to them NOT TO TAKE MUCH LENGTH OFF. I’ve done it before where I’ve allowed them to get snip happy and regretted it afterwards. Let them know what you want and stand your ground, don’t be afraid to scream STOP if you think they’re going a bit too short! x