bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

bareMinerals, the powder foundation heavyweights have released a brand new product that boasts all the best bits of a BB and CC cream AND  tinted moisturiser.  Their tinted Complexion Rescue Gel Cream* is marketed as an ultra lightweight and hydrating gel cream hybrid which acts as a superhero for your skin.

So how does it fair?

I wish with all my might that I could get away with a product like this on a daily basis.  If my skin didn’t suffer from redness and leak oil like a clapped out banger of a car this would be a stand alone product for the summer for me.   It adds a boost of moisture to my skin after using my usual face cream, adds a luminous glow and the best part?  Their palest shade “Opal” is actually a pale shade.


If I could guarantee the effect to last throughout the day after concealing those blemishes and areas of redness that sap my skin of its flawlessness then I’d be practically bathing in this stuff.  Alas, my fellow oily skinned gals will know that we can’t get through a full day of work or play without some heavy duty coverage that vows to repel oil and this just doesn’t do it!

So that would make this product obsolete in my make up bag, right?

Wrong.  As much as it doesn’t wear well on its own for me (you normal or dry skinned ladies may find it works for you), when worn over my daily moisturiser and used as a base for my everyday foundation the affect is beautiful.  My skin looks hydrated, my foundation sinks into the skin better and instead of suffering from a dreaded case of “pan face”, I can get away with less foundation coverage because the majority of the redness is covered.  

It’s even allowed me to use foundations that I’d previously written off because they’re too cakey or drying on the skin.  A pretty mean feat considering some of them left me leaving like a shrivelled up Mummy after wearing them for the duration of the day.

Have you ever tried bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel Cream alone or under foundation OR do you already use a BB, CC or DD cream under your foundation for a more moisturised finish?  Let me know!

  • Yep, as a Rosacea sufferer i am always looking for my holy grail products and this is one of them. Like you I can’t use it on its own, but with the SPF/Serum/Tint it is great as a base for my mineral make up on the top. I’ve been sampling it for a while and I went and bought it a couple of days ago – like you said, the pales are proper pale too!

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