You’re Tugging on My Heart Strings & You’re Making Me See Things

As a follow up to my “The Ratells in Birmingham” post I thought I would share with you a little #OOTN. I’m always a little dubious about after work commitments, there’s something about getting your superhero on and getting changed in a toilet cubicle that leaves me feeling less than impressed, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

We posed for these pictures outside of Starbucks after the gig, we may have been heavily inhebriated (don’t judge, I’m 26 years old and if I want to get drunk once in a while often, thats my prerogative) and under the influence of Gemma and Charlotte insisting that we adopt “standard blogger outfit poses” which is why I look pigeon toed and ridiculous.




…But the skirt makes up for all of this. This is my fabulous “this skirt is so not me but I have to have it cos its so freaking cool” skirt which I picked up from the ASOS sale for a bargain at £8! I had no idea when I would wear this, or what I’d wear it with, but Friday seemed like the perfect excuse to give it its first outing. I teamed it with a longsleeved crop top (FAT GIRL IN A CROP TOP), black tights and my ever faithful Primark studded boots. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple so that the skirt had that extra bit of POW (geddit?) – word of warning though, the pattern of the skirt meant that I had a POW graphic right in the middle of my derriere. A subtle invitation I think not.

Apologies again for the geeky and blurry/drunken pictures – but you get the gist. 

  • Glad you got there in the end after your primark meltdown ;)

    • Charlotte

      Thank you for your help as ever, TL

  • Ooh I bloody love that skirt! Love the whole outfit. Ya look good guuurl.


    • (I definitely just bought that skirt haha) I’ll blame you for that purchase :P

      • Charlotte

        I apologise bank manager! Let me know if you do an outfit post with it in x

    • Charlotte

      Cheers gurrrrrrrl!x

  • Nina

    woman, that skirt is freaking lush:-) Loving ya work

    n x

  • Haha, nice background newspaper prop! Lookin’ hawwwt.