Yeah, I Bet She Still Flaunts Floral Skirts

Oh my plus size ladies, I feel like I want to give you all high fives and hug you simultaneously.  Yes, this weather is absolutely beautiful.  Yes, its lovely to have some sunshine in the UK.  Yes, everyone is much more cheerful in the sun.

BUT (you knew there was one coming)

Dressing for this weather one long nightmare.

When it comes to these 28 degree heat, I begin longing to be a skinnie and minnie lady with legs up to here and arms like Jessica Ennis so I can get away with shorts, a bikini top and a sheer cami.  Unfortunately, this isn’t (and never will be) the case.  Despite wanting to look summery in pretty and floaty fabrics and wanting to stay cool in this heat, I still have the same problem areas that I want to disguise.

I know there’ll be those of you screaming at the screen like “embrace the bingo wings and the chub rub” and tutting at me for shaming myself and feeling like I should cover up, but this isn’t a “what society thinks of me” kind of issue, its a body confidence “Charl” issue.  Number one, I hate getting my legs out – the most I’ll stretch to is a midi dress without tights (however, give me some black opaques and I’ll wear a bum skimming dress), and I hate getting my arms out.  This leaves me with the constant issue of ruining an otherwise lovely outfit with either a jacket or a cardigan.  Gr.

When I headed down to British Summer Time in Hyde Park at the weekend (review to come, Lionel was so freaking awesome) I felt a moment of “what to wear” panic.  My “date” (also known as my cousin) opted for a denim pinafore, bronzed legs out, arms out, looking every inch the seasoned festival go-er in a flowered headband and pink bandau top.  Me?  I was more up for wearing an all in one Victorian bathing suit and being done with it.

In the end I settled for this ensemble which was picked up on a last minute dash around town after trying on my entire wardrobe, collapsing in a heap on the floors and proclaiming through sobs that “I HATE EVERYTHING I OWN” (we’ve all done this, don’t judge).OOTDlondon

(Outside Buckingham Palace.  The Queen was home so I tweeted to see if Prince Harry was at his nans for a Sunday Roast and asked him to save me a Yorkshire Pud.  No reply as yet*)

A floaty vintage looking floral print skirt (Primark), a loose fitting white t-shirt (Primark again), a spike embellished necklace (Topshop), gladiator sandals (Florence & Fred)  and a trusty fringed bag (River Island)

Simple, yes.  But cooling.  I even dared to flash more flesh on my arms than I usually would, and surprisingly I didn’t feel like the whole of London were looking at me like I resembled Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid. 

Are you ladies coping/not coping with dressing weather appropriately like I am?  Please say you feel my pain.

*told you men never reply

  • I love this outfit, you look lovely! The skirt and necklace look so good together :) xx

  • sarah

    completely agree! I don’t like my legs from the knee up and hate having bare arms too. Had to give in and buy some shorts today but they will only be worn in the garden not on the streets!

  • I feel your pain! I hate getting my legs out being a size 18-20, and I’m struggling so much in this heat…especially in my office sauna! xx

  • You always manage to write the most entertaining and funniest post.
    True writing inspiration my dear :).

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  • Before coming to France I bought a “shaping” black swimming costume because I was convinced I would get looks of absolute disgust from all the skinny French women if I dared to wear a bikini on the beach but looking around, there are people of all shapes and sizes rocking a bikini. To be honest I wish I’d just thought “I can wear whatever I want to wear” if anyone’s going to even think horrible things about me then they aren’t worth bothering about! Covering myself up from head to toe isn’t practical in this heat either :(

    Love the post!
    R Xxx

  • Amy

    This is me all over, I wish I could embrace my body and wear what I want or even would like to but alas I can not!

    I dislike my legs also – I have to admit I have been getting these milk coloured bad boys out, but I never feel confident with what I am rocking that day. I do have to say though Char, I love this skirt and think I need to invest in a maxi skirt – just so I can keep these pins under wraps.

    Lovely post as always, =)