Wonderfit Jeans from George at Asda

There’s certain moments in a woman’s life which are unforgettable.  Her first peroid for example, her wedding day, her first love, the moment she holds her baby for the first time… and every single time she steps foot inside a changing room to buy the elusive “perfect pair of jeans”.  I for one hate buying jeans and I know that I’m not alone.  I hop about the dressing room cubicle like Goldilocks as I throw each pair to the floor “too small”, “not long enough”, “weird baggy bit on the back where I could store food”, “weird baggy bit at the front where I could store food”.  I walk away disillusioned and resign myself to meh fitting jeans. 1-old-jeans

I’m not sure if its a body shape issue or if plus size jeans are an elusive item.  Standard fit jeans seem to be designed for a straight up and down figure, which means I come up against the excess material at the base of my back which can only be remedied by a belt and bagging round the ankle.  On the flip side, searching for jeans over a size 18 seems to leave you with what I like to call a “pasty pouch”.  An excess of fabric which hangs from your stomach and over your pubic bone, because y’know… all plus size women have a stomach which needs swatching in fabric.


The only saving grace I found in jeans were the Super Stretch Jeans from Evans.  Fit like a glove, super stretchy, really comfortable – perfect for £35.  But where are the purse friendly fitting jeans?  Sure, £35 isn’t going to break the bank, but when I see people rejoicing at finding heavenly jeans for £8 in Primark I admittedly feel a little bit jealous that they can buy 3 pairs of jeans and a top in the sale of the same price as I can pick up one pair.

That was until I spotted someone on Twitter mentioned Wonderfit Jeans from George at Asda.  Now, I’ve tried jeans from George at Asda before and I’ve been less than underwhelmed (sorry George!) they’ve left me hoisting them up throughout the day and suffering the dreaded twisted trouser leg, so I WONDERed whether these Wonderfit jeans would be a WONDERful possibility? Long and short (leg) of it?  They are.


The Wonderfit jeans come in a variety of colours, black, indigo, light blue, grey and burgundy and are sized from XS to XXL which equate to jean size 6-8 up to 22-24 and they fit like a glove.  I used the analogy of expanding foam in reverse when it comes to the fit.  Instead of being a “one shape fits all” these jeans are made from super stretchy material with fabric which adapts to your shape and size.  A testament to that?  I’ve been singing the joys of these jeans since I picked up my first pair back in September, since then each person who has bought a pair has declared a eureka moment in the fittings room!  “They fit like a second skin” says Emily, an hourglass shaped size 12-14 (who’s wears a size 10-12 in Wunderfit).  “I love them!  They’re amazing!” says new mum Gemma, an appled shaped size 16-18.  “I want them in every colour!” says me, a pear shaped size 18-20.

At £20 they’re almost half the price of the Evans jeans and you can pick them up in store when you’re doing a bacon and egg run.  Not too shabby eh?

  • Laura nuttall

    Defo going to try these out x

  • You look amazing hun :) Love them I may have to buy a pair of those Jeans .


  • Gillian Pidler

    Hi I ordered a pair of these the other day after reading this. I’ve been buying M&S jeggings at around £25 or so quid and was a little skeptical about these fitting nicely. Well I just tried them on and wow!!! I got a dark blue pair in medium short and they fit like a glove. I’m going to get a couple more pairs in different colours over the next few months, they feel so so comfy and this is probably the first time in years that I’ve tried on jeans without wanting to cry! So I wanted to come back here and thank you for your post as I don’t usually shop in Asda, but I will be getting all my jeans in here in future.

  • Tanya