Why It’s Better To Be Single On Valentines Day


This will be the first Valentines in 6 years that I will be spending alone. This fills me partly with a mixture of fear and excitement. Mainly because part of me knows that I’ll most likely become one of those women who burst into a massive spiel about how “Valentines is load of commercial drivel which the cards/confectionery companies think up to con hard earned money out of gullible people by making them feel as though they have to make some declaration of love”… yet still secretly hoping that a red enveloped card or two will drop through my letterbox on the morning of the 14th of February.

As noted previously, I love a bit of romance – I don’t think there is enough romance in the world – so to me, Valentine’s Day could potentially be the best day EVER or the biggest let down ever. Either way, I wanted to start off my “Valentines Series” (my first blog series, GET ME!) with a bit of a cheeky post…

10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be Single On Valentines Day…

1. You don’t have to defuzz. Lets face it, as much as that “skin like silk” feeling is like no other – it isn’t half a chore. If I had the money/opportunity, I would easily go all out for some laser hair removal sessions and become queen of smooth (bar my hair and eyebrows, obviously)

2. Faking a headache isn’t an option. On Valentines Day, its one of those two days where him actually getting his leg over is a god given right (the other day is his birthday)

3. No awkward present buying. Who REALLY wants to spend money on a teddy clutching a heart with “I <3 YOU” stitched onto it thats just going to end up tucked in the back of a drawer on the 15th? Not I, I’d rather buy a lipstick.

4. None of that queuing up in Clinton’s with hoards of other frantic eyed people last minute people who are clutching their carrier bags of teddy bears/Thorntons chocolates/single red roses and searching for an appropriate card – do you go for the “Me to You” slushy long versed card you can stick your name on the end of and a kiss, or do play it cute with a “TO MY HORNY FELLA” card? Decisions decisions.

5. Talking of cards, what do you write in a Valentines card? Long gone are the days of “Will You Be My Valentine?” and in its place are William Shakespeare style sonnet expectations. BALL ACHE.

6. You don’t have to pretend you actually like your partner.

7. It gives the postman the go ahead to deliver your bags and bags full of cards that wouldn’t normally make it through to you when you’re in a Valentines day.

8. Being able to eat as many Thornton’s heart shaped chocolates as you want without worrying about how your fats going to look later on as you try to look seductive by candlelight in your sexy underwear.

9. The world is your Valentine Oyster. When you’rein Tesco and you meet some hot guys eye as you both reach for the last Sweet & Sour Meal For One… BOOM there’s your Valentine’s meet cute* & hello, instant Valentine. (nice work Cupid)

10. …. you get to spend the night with most gorgeous, witty, talented and ultimately fabulous person in the world (no, not David Beckham) … yourself.

* A meet-cute is a situation in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing.

  • Clare

    I’ve never had a “partner” on valentines day but I don’t care. I spend the night with Romcoms, ice cream and my dog. God I sound sad.

    Love the post :) When you mentioned a meet cute I thought of the film the holiday :)

    C xx

  • I liked #10. I think one thing Valentine’s Day does have a habit of doing, is making singletons feel like for that day, they aren’t ‘worthy’. At least, that’s how the day has made me feel if I’ve been single and the day has come around. For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t about buying everything marketed for the day possible. It is however, a great excuse for a Chinese takeaway (which is what me and my partner plan to do!) I’ve got my partner a card for the day – But it’s also the least romantic and slushy soppy card I could find. We’re just not like ‘that’.

    I remember when I was younger, and in a relationship, that when Valentine’s Day came around I was so stressed out. It was like a competition. I HAD to be showered in gifts from my then boyfriend, because then it showed he loved me. And what if people asked me what he got me? I couldn’t say nothing, it had to be something amazing so that other people knew he loved me, too. And that was the influence I had taken from the way Valentine’s Day is commercialised and advertised to within an inch of Cupid’s life.

    I’ve since grown up and realised that isn’t what is important after all. As a lot of people say – You should show your love and affection all year round. Not just once a year.

    I also like to wish friends a happy Valentine’s Day, too. I realise that sounds odd but for me it’s a good old excuse to tell my closest friends that I love them too, and I appreciate them, too. :) xo

  • Loved this! I hated valentines day even when I was in a couple. xx

  • Vic

    This is hilarious! Especially 1. And 11? You don’t have to share wine. Its pretty much perfect…

  • This post is bloody brilliant! You’re hilarious… you deserve so many more followers! I laughed out loud at number 6! xx

  • This post is incredible!!! why have I only just discovered your blog!!
    I wrote a similar post last Valentines, only this year I will actually have someone to spend it with… bit gutted about that really, I was looking forward to alone time with a Dominos and Bridget Jones… and more chocolate than is deemed socially acceptable to admit to eating.

  • Mark

    I’m writing a response to this! Expect a ping back. Hah.

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  • Rebecca Phillips

    My partner’s birthday is Valentine’s Day. 2 birds, 1 stone :)

  • Victoria McEwan

    This post made me miss being single a little aha. Love your blog layout btw, like the use of colour.

    P:S New follower, I got you off The Tattooed Tea Lady’s ‘Share the Love Post’.


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