What I’m Wearing on my Lips

On any given day there’s a likelihood that when delving into the bottomless pit known as “my handbag” you’re going to be greeted by an outrageous number of lip products for one person to be carrying on a day to day basis. If my memory serves me correctly, at one point I had 13 different products in my bag, ranging from lipsticks, glosses and some kind of nourishing balm for those very rare “no lipstick days”. 3 of those were red lipsticks.

“Oh but they’re different shades of red” I said to a baffled looking, non lipstick wearing friend much her to dismay, because the truth of the matter is that I’m often a creature of habit and wear very similiar looking colours where the slight differences to the untrained eye may be completely insignificant. A spade is a spade and a red lipstick is a red lipstick, right? Wrong.

During the month of December I have been carrying 7 lip products around with me (along with a Maybelline Babylips and Burts Bees balm which are so battered and worn I refuse to show them on camera).

Bobbi Brown “Blackberry*” – This is the first Bobbi Brown product I’ve owned and if it’s anything to go by I’d be interested in trying more from the brand. This deep purple/berry shade is a lot more moisturising than I usually wear my winter colours – I usually prefer more matte shades because I find they last longer and you don’t have to worry about the colour fading to that lip line affect you can get with some lipsticks.

Revlon Super Lustorous Lipstick “Plum” – I bought this lipstick last year for Halloween because I wanted a really deep lipstick for a costume (!), I rediscovered it this year and have fallen in love with it as an everyday lipstick – doesn’t that just show how our tastes in lipsticks change. This is a tad deeper and browner in tone that the Bobbi Brown lipstick but it still has the creamy formula.

MAC Matte “Diva” – Ah Diva, the latest MAC lipstick to grace my collection. I love this shade and the much loved MAC matte formula with it’s vanilla’y scent and sleek bullet packaging. I picked this up on a recent trip to Birmingham after swatching it countless times and convincing myself I didn’t need it. Thankfully WANT overpowers NEED.

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection “107” – 107 was the MUST HAVE berry shade of 2013 and it’s still a goodie down to formula and staying power – I can apply this in the morning and not have to reapply until 3pm so it’s a good choice for work or for when I don’t want to keep pulling out a handheld mirror.


Rimmel Kate Moss Collection “30” – exactly the same formulation as the 107 as it’s a sister shade from the Kate Moss collection but this is a 2015 version which I first heard about through Gemsmaquillage. It’s a tad more pinky/purple toned and looks beautiful with neutral eyes, a nice flush on the cheeks and lots of this.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Stain – the best friend of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain from Revlon, these matte Chubby Stick-esque pencils are beautiful. The actual formula itself is quite creamy when you apply it, it doesn’t tend to show up any dry skin on your lips but it has a lovely matte finish to it. I have the shade sultry which is quite a 90’s browny/red-esque shade which wouldn’t look out of place on Ms Kylie Jenner.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil “Myserious Red*” – stop the presses! This red lip pencil is glorious. I’ve heard a lot of hype around these velvet matte pencils and I know Maybelline have released a drugstore version but I recieved this from HQHair following a Twitter chat about our best red lip tips and tricks and I fell in love. This applies like a dream, it’s super opaque in on swoosh, the colour is a really true red and it last for hours. The only thing with this is because it’s so matte you need to apply it to really smooth lips so make sure you’ve buffed and moisturised before hand.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks – what lipsticks are you carrying round with you at the moment?