Weleda Rose Smoothing Night Cream


I’m a rubbish skincare person, absolutely dire.  For this reason I’ve never had a real skincare routine because I’ve never found something that completely works for my skin.  I’ve always been under the impression that the best time to feed your skin is overnight, as your skin is thoroughly cleansed and free from all traces of makeup.


I recieved a sample of this Weleda Smoothing Night Cream in my She Said Beauty goodie bag from last months London event and began using it last week.  Although this voice in the back of my mind is saying “Charl, your skin works in cycles, therefore this can not be responsible for your overnight wonder” – I’m not so sure, I think this stuff is magic in cream form.

The consistancy is quite thick in the tube but it feels quite light when applied.  As its massaged into my skin I feel as though it thickens into a balm like texture and then… BOOM.  Instant hit of moisture to my skin.

The first morning after using this my skin felt hydrated and soft, my skin in the morning is usually quite dull looking and other over night moisturisers I’ve used haven’t really made any difference.  This night cream really made a considerable change to how my skin looked and felt.

…that was until Ted (my little bundle of puppy shaped fur) got his paws on the tube and destroyed it.  Nice skin week OVER. Mummy was not happy – infact I may have given him the cold shoulder for the entire night. 

Since I’ve stopped using it my skin has reverted back to its original morning state, so I’m convinced that this is what was making the change, so I’ve been hovering my finger over the “Checkout” button for a sneaky pre payday purchase because I think my skin would thank me.

The Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream retails at £14.95 for 30ml and is a little treasure.

  • Might have to try this. I am in love with Weleda’s Skin Food. I use it night and day and my skins is improving rapidly from a dry red mess to something that resembles normal skin. Might also be my Aveda tited moisturiser but i’m thinking Weleda.

  • Becky

    I have just started a sample of this and it is really good. I tried it at my boyfriend’s house where for some reason my redness always gets bad and looks awful but the next morning it actually looked really good for a change. It has a lovely smell as well.

    Becky @ thelittleblogofbeauty.tumblr.com