VIVO Healthy Glow – Soft & Gentle Dupe

MAC’s Soft & Gentle is as widely renowned in the beauty blogosphere as Dior’s Amber Diamond. You can’t swing a Zara handbag without one of the beauty gurus proclaming their love of one of these high end highlighters.

I have Dior’s Amber Diamond, its my go to powder highlighter and in short, its abso-fucking-lutely beautiful. It adds the prettiest glow to your the tops of your cheeks and brow bone without any of that nasty glitter residue that some highlighters can leave. But at £30+ its pretty pricey, and with Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish weighing in at £21.50 although its not at the more expensive end of the spectrum, it isn’t the most budget of highlighters.


The VIVO Bronzer in “Healthy Glow” has been dubbed as one of those infamous “dupes”. A baked bronzer not dissimiliar to its high end counterpart Soft and Gentle, “Healthy Glow” adds just that when applied to the tops of the cheekbones, the brow bone and a touch down the center of the nose for that much sought after “lit from within” look. And it seems this dupe is in demand, I was desperate to pick this up from my local Tesco after seeing somebody mention it on Twitter and despite making up a whole host of reasons to pop to Tesco on my lunch hour, they’d sold out. They finally restocked it last week and I almost whooped for joy when I got my grubby little mits* on it.



For £5.00 this is a bargain alternative to the higher end highlighters. If you’re anything like how I was, I wasn’t sure how to use a highlighter without looking like a big glowy mess, so this is a great choice if you’re learning to master the look without spending those big bucks.

Healthy Glow is available in Tesco stores and from VIVO Cosmetics online.

(*my mits aren’t really grubby)

  • This looks pure nice, it’s nice to get like a more yellow highlighter than white for a change! My Tesco doesn’t have a makeup stand or anything but I’ll need to have a look next time I’m in another one!

    • Charlotte

      Exactly, its not too harsh either for daytime use which is good! I know VIVO do sell online too :)

  • Kerry

    Looks pretty good actually! I purchased 2 Vivo lipglosses yesterday and for £1 each, they’re pretty good quality! :)
    ..btwif you’re ever passing through my blog, do say hi!
    Kerry @ Kerralina x

    • Charlotte

      I love the VIVO lipglosses aswell, they’re an absolute bargain!

      I’ll come over say hi :) x

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