Tom Ford Black Orchid

Do you have that one guilty pleasure product that you hold off on buying for one reason or another, yet each time you’re within it’s vicinity you’re compelled to swatch it or try it on or smell it, OOH and AAH over the heavenliness of it and walk off without purchasing it?

For me, that product is Tom Ford “Black Orchid”*.

Each time I found myself perusing the beauty counters of Selfridges my eyes would fall upon the ribbed black bottle with gold finishing plate flaunting the name of Ford. Tom Ford. I would remove its lid, inhale the sensuous and sophisticated aroma and take a sneaky look around the beauty floor before spraying myself liberally and then walking away.  I’d then spend the rest of my day smelling of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Black Currant – it like a bizarre combination but it’s pleasing the nostrils nonetheless.

“I’ll treat myself to that one day” I’d say to myself as I the scent repeated on me throughout the day.  Only one day didn’t come for a long time.  I bought a bottle for my mum for her 50th birthday because she had also succumbed to the Black Orchid spell but it wasn’t until Christmas time that I got my hands on a bottle.


Originally released as part of the Tom Ford beauty line in 2006, this dramatic scent is a firm favourite among fragrance fans for its deep scent which provides a signature aroma to the wearer.

I’ve had perfumes which don’t last beyond a couple of hours wear time. No sooner have the scent particles reached my wrists and they’re disappearing into the ether to leave me with a very faint reminder of their existence. Black Orchid is one of those fragrances which hangs on to your being for dear life and leaves you smelling like a lady until you physically wash away the molecules of it’s being. On the days where I would spray my wrists in the secrecy of the Selfridges Beauty Hall I would smell of Black Orchid for the remainder of the day. Days later I would come to put on the scarf or coat I was wearing that day and the smell of dark, tempting florals and rich fruit accords, a heart deepened with the intoxicating Lotus Wood, decadent Noir Gourmand Accord balanced by Patchouli-incense and Vetiver and Vanilla tears which add fluid creaminess to warm Balsam and smooth Sandalwood would linger.

I can sometimes find that due to my overzealous spritzing I can get through a 30ml bottle of perfume quite quickly, however, due to the strength of this I find a little goes a long way and means this bottle will most likely outlast any others on my dressing despite how often I wear it.

Have you tried Tom Ford Black Orchid or any other perfumes from the Tom Ford collection?