Throwback Thursday: Timotei Pure

This #ThrowbackThursday trend was started on Twitter, where its customary to reveal an old photo of yourself using said hashtag for the world to see. I embarass myself enough on Twitter without bringing up pictures of me with a ginger bowl cut and frizzy fringe #aintnobodygottimeforthat

I wanted to start a Beauty Throwback Thursday. Being a beauty blogger I’m constantly trying out new products, partly in the name of research and partly because I’m a product junkie. I got this idea when a friend of mine came to my house with the most retro looking make up collection I’ve ever seen, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Rimmel Blusher, a regular kohl liner and the Maybelline mascara in the pink and green tube. Oldies but goodies. She said she wanted to go back to the products she used to use all the time, before she was seduced by fancy new formulation technologies, fancy wands and products that promise the world. Back to basics so to speak.

First up?



Timotei is the brand that reminds me of my childhood. Every bath time in my house would involve the marathon mission that was shampooing and conditioning my hair. Because of the pure mass of the hair on my head, it always seemed like an absolute chore. My mum would lather up my hair and I’d then spend what seemed like an entirity with my hands over my eyes while she repeatedly rinsed the suds out of my hair while I would whine “are you done yetttttt it’s going in me eyes!” Timotei was the only brand of Shampoo and Conditioner that we’d have in our house and still to this day the mother still alternates it with her other preferred shampoo ranges.

Like most brands, Timotei have evolved the ranges they offer to compete with the other brands who cater to a wider spectrum of the haircare industry. With consumers like us becoming more familiar with our hair type, a one size fits all shampoo for “normal hair” just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Timotei have obviously seen this market evolution and have upped the ante, combining it with some old fashioned values.

Catching a whiff of the popularity for more natural beauty products, Timotei’s new “Pure” range is a 0% range. Parabens, Colourants and Silicones free Timotei pure is reflection of a more natural you. Infused with organic green tea extract, new Timotei Pure is perfect for hair that’s prone to greasiness. Its revitalising properties help to keep hair fresh, light and beautiful. I’ve been trying out the Pure range for about a month or so. I have hair that needs washing regularly due to its greasy bouts (greasy hair and oily skin – how sexy do I sound?) coupled with a very sensitive and irritable scalp, I find that gentle products seem to work well on my hair. I’ve been alternating the Pure range with my Herbal Aloe and use it for every other wash.   I find that because it does work so well on greasy hair, it offers a deep clean to my hair leaving it feeling fresh and squeaky clean (have you ever heard your hair squeak when its washed?) The Pure range features a dry shampoo which I have yet to try and also a refil pouch of shampoo to refill your empty bottles – saving the environment one hair wash at a time.

(I’ve also recently been using the Vivid Colour conditioner – I truly have gone back to my (hair) roots.)

To view the full Timotei range check out their website here.

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  • taylormadeincanada

    Weird question I know but did the new Pure Collection have the same
    scent as the original Timotei that you would have used as a child like
    you mentioned here?

    • From what I remember it does! I love that smell, it reminds me of “clean” x