Ticket Into Loserville

My latest theatre “geek” conquest will be to the Garrick Theatre in the West End to see the hot brand new musical “Loserville” written by Elliot Davis and former Busted/Son of Dork member James Bourne. The show is inspired by the Son of Dork album “Welcome to Loserville” and James and Elliot have been working on the musical for the last 3 years.  As a former he-owge Busted fan I’d heard rumblings of this being released for a while,  so to say I’m excited about the debut of this on 01.10.2012 is an understatement.

So whats it about?

It’s 1971. Michael Dork may be a computer geek but he’s invented something that could change the world. He’s also discovered GIRLS: a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary.

Holly is THE girl: she has looks and brains and wants to be the first woman in space – well, this is 1971! But will she want Michael?

Eddie wants a fast ride to the top and doesn’t care who gets trampled along the way.

Leia just wants Eddie. Or Eddie’s babies – well, she thinks she does.

Michael, and his sci-fi obsessed, social-misfit friends, Lucas, Francis and Marvin are all set to change the course of history, fashion and dating – in no particular order, but just as soon as possible, especially the dating bit.

Now meet the Class of 1971. This is their story and now it’s a musical.

(I think the inner geek in me does a little tap dance reading that.)


I will be packing up my thick rimmed glasses, donning some pigtails, pencilling on the freckles and sticking in the faux braces and heading down to “the big smoke” for a couple of days to see the show and and spend some girl time with my friend Debz…(and I may be able to fit in a bit of shopping also – HELLO WESTFIELD.)

Release your inner geek and buy tickets here now.

* I am not paid to be so nice, I’m simply just a big geek whore.