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When I moved into my house, I had big ideas for how I wanted it to look. I think we all have big ideas of how our perfect house would look if money were no object, but living on a single persons budget and moving into my first “proper” house on my own after a relationship was always going to be a) expensive b) daunting but also c) pretty exciting.

I wanted positivity, colour, words that meant a lot to me – I ultimately wanted my house to embody me as a person and make it an uplifting place.  Sound weird?  Going from a house full of noise and business to a house where you’ll live on your own is a big step, you’re alone ALOT with only yourself for company, so a bland and boring house was something that I didn’t want.  I’m a lover of all things slightly sentimental and a little geeky which is ultimately what inspired me.

I’ve wanted to do a house tour post for a while, probably since Hello Terri Lowe visited and exclaimed that I had “the best living room in Stoke!” I’m pretty proud of what I have managed to achieve on a shoe string budget with lots of white paint and some colourful knick knacks.

I’ll start you all off with my living room, and if it this post is remotely popular I’ll show you around the rest of my humble abode.


Yes, my sofa is bright pink.  This is the first item that started my entire “scheme” – it was donated by a friend who had recently left her bachelorette pad to move in with her new boyfriend.  Nothing says “girl pad” more than a Barbie pink sofa.  I’d love to say that this Ikea armchair is where I like to do all of my best thinking, but its usually where I sit and write blogposts.



This table is actually an antique fire guard that I picked up from a carboot, I stripped it back and Victorias Vintaged it up with some Cath Kidston style wipe clean fabric from a local haberdashery shop.


My custom built TV stand where I store my shoes.  Like everybody does, right?




I wanted to surround myself with music it makes the world go round.  I have some “old school” records in the form of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Madonna and The Sound of Music Soundtrack – all taken from my dads/my grandads collection.  The acoustic guitar was my grandads and was passed on to my Grandad, it then resided in a cupboard until I salvaged it as some modern kind of art/compliment to my room – I have no idea how to play the guitar but would love to learn.


As you can see from my wall, I just threw up any and every print I like, from cute vintage ladies in swimming costumes to hand typed quotes, words of wisdom – all based on a similiar colour palette but not completely limited.  The black and white Marilyn and Dirty Dancing prints are new additions, but I’m constantly on the look out for more cute additions.


That’s about it for my living room – if you want to see more let me know.

Charl Lives In a House Like This.

  • Melanie C

    Your living room is gorgeous and I love your Ikea armchair! I really like the There’s No Place Like home picture too xx

  • WOW..This is so pretty!
    I love the prints on the wall and that you can still add to them!
    Can we just take a second to appreciate that pink sofa too..
    Extremely jealous!

    Would love to see more rooms

    oOo Becky oOo

  • Hayley

    Hahahaha!!!! Your living room is the second best in stoke after mine!! The person who donated that sofa and chair an stuffs must have been incredibly selfless and not to mention be wonderfully good looking person…… And modest!!! Your living room is wonderful – show them the kitchen next! It’s amazing!!!!!!!

  • You’re living room really is wonderful! It’s gorgeous, I wish I lived there! xx

  • I love it! Love the vibrant colours, fab! xx

  • Ella

    I’m in love. That sofa, the arm chair, the table and the records are all perfect.

  • Jessica

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your living room. I don’t know if it’s the sofa, the Marilyn Monroe pillow, or the artwork…but it all works and I love it!

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  • I think I’m actually in love with your front room. I would love mine to look like that.

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  • I love this post. It really is an amazing living room. Its great what you’ve done with it -it’s all so simple and it really works!