“The Wedding Date”

Remember how I told you that I’m going to a bridesmaid in a couple of months, & that I need to try and fit into my dress?  Well, as well as the actual bridesmaid dress, I’ve been told I can change for the evening do which will be a little bit more comfortable/will allow me to breathe.

My favourite part of weddings is the night time party – who doesn’t love a good knees up?  With more Pimms than you can drink (I’ll give it a good go!), cheese and pineapple on sticks and such musical classics as Don’t Stop Believingand GOLD(!), I thought it only right to dress for the occasion and find something a little more comfortable to Cha Cha Slide and Oops Upside Your Head in (don’t judge me, its a wedding, ITS EXPECTED and ALLOWED).

I’ve been putting off looking for a dress, so when New Look asked me to create a wishlist, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check out their party dresses and get some inspiration…and I may have found a couple of gems.


all of these items can be found on www.newlook.com

I’ve gone for two looks that I’m completely torn between (because I’m a girl and we’re indecisive and that’s my prerogative) and I need you to help me choose.  The first look with the electro blue skater dress and pink clutch is very “me” – I love bright and clashing colours, but then.. this Tokyo Doll dress I just fell in love with.  The wedding is being held at a country inn (think florals and teacups), so this  just seems like the perfect “English Garden Party” dress.  I’m that in love with it that I even have the perfect lipstick colour picked out in my head (Costa Chic from MAC, FYI) and am already fawning over these updo pictures of Julianne Hough (and just her in general).


I feel like I’ve talked myself into the coral dress, but I need a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion.  I also need a date for the wedding, which is something that I’m being reminded of every time I see the bride.  I may end up hiring an escort to accompany me, or hold auditions for a date.  Someone to roll my eyes at when it gets too slushy, have Pimms drinking competitions with, hold my handbag while I Cha Cha slide and then give “its all quite sweet really isn’t it?” looks to during the first dance.

Who’s in?

*in association with New Look

  • Hmmmm tough one. OK I really really really like the skater dress but the Tokyo dress might be more appropriate for the venue. If you’re only wearing it to the eveing do then does it really matter?? I’d say get the dress you might actually wear again. That is no help whatsoever is it!
    New Look please send Charl both dresses so her torment is over!

  • NotSoSimples

    I love both of them but I love the blue one more.That said I completely agree with Maxine though about which one would you wear again

  • I love them both, but the coral dress is my fave, it’s a little longer which may be more appropriate for a wedding? And is a gorge colour :) But the blue one would look lovely with your hair colour.

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