The Popband

90% of my life I have my hair tied up in a ponytail or a messy bun, purely down to the fact that I’m lazy and that my hair is a pain in my big ole booty to style on a daily basis.  As you’re all probably well aware, bobbles aren’t exactly hair friendly, they snag, snap stretch and cause breakages to your lovely locks – especially those ones with a metal join in them.

After causing lots of stress to my hair last year in the form of a dodgy ombre bleach job, I’m trying to show it a little more TLC, so when I saw people on Twitter raving on about the revolutionary Popband’s, I had to give them a go.  Popbands are described as being “kind on your hair and cute on your wrist” – soft & stretchy hairbands which hold hair securely and leave it dent and kink-free when you unleash your hair in a “because I’m worth it” moment (we’ve all done that, right?).  Sounds pretty good .


When I take my hair down, sometimes I’m surprised by the amount of hair that I shed.  I usually have enough hair to make a wig caught in my bobble from where my hair has snagged or where I’ve pulled the bobble too tight (I like to feel like my hair is secure) – with the Popband I’ve noticed a signifant decrease in the number of hairs I’m losing.  I don’t particularly find that my hair is left kink or dent free, but thats usually because I leave my hair tied up for long periods of time. 

Popband’s come in a variety of colours and patterns, including neon and pastel colours, zebra print and even ones with sparkly charms which even manage to look pretty on my wrists next to my usual selection of bracelets.


I was sent a selection of colours to try and in turn I’ve binned off my cheapy and snagging Primark bobbles in favour of them. 

Before I even wrote this review, I let a friend try one of my Popbands, the next day she was messaging me asking where to buy them from because she loved them AND  her daughter loved them because they were so bright “like ribbons” and they didn’t hurt her hair.  She subsequently ordered a multipack of neons and a multipack of pastels.  If that isn’t a good testimonial I don’t know what is!