The Classic Trench | Navabi

Despite it still being summer for the next.. 18 days (approximately), I’m going to be THAT annoying person who talks about how much she adores the Autumn months and can’t wait to purchase a fresh pair of 80 denier opaques and dig out the brogues. It’s not that I don’t like summer, I love it. I love bright colours, wearing less make up, Birkenstock’s, summer holidays and greenery in my garden (not so much the upkeep of said greenery). What I don’t love is the unpredictable weather in the UK and not knowing whether choosing to wear sandals at 8am because it’s sunny outside will be a huge mistake come 5:30 when the heavens open and you have to walk home in soggy sandals.


Layering, an earthy colour palette and evenings with a subtle chill which call for a lightweight jacket are all things that I love about Autumn and a classic style sand trench makes the perfect wardrobe staple for autumn.

Perhaps it’s the classic shape or timeless appeal, but there’s no denying that a trench is effortlessly chic, not only as trans-seasonal and stylish piece out of outerwear, it also goes with just about any outfit for any occasion.

You’d look equally as chic wearing a trench with jeans and Adidas Gazelles on a laidback Sunday afternoon as you in a striped dress and brogues supping a flat white at a Parisian coffee shop.

Being a key piece, nailing “the one” can take quite a bit of fruitless shopping trips, but being persisting and not being scared to invest in a good quality one will mean you can pull it out season after season and it’ll stand the test of time. This cotton mix trench* from Zizzi at Navabi features a double button tape, detachable waist tie, soft inner lining and collar detailing on the right shoulder. I find that dependent on the fit of the trench coats it can look a little shapeless and as this is a little on the oversized side on me, it can fall it into this category, but a bow tied at the base of the back with the belt soon pulls it in.




Zara are famed for their solid basics and the popularity of their handbags amongst the masses (espeically bloggers) are a testament to that.  A number of their pieces sell out as soon as they hit the shop floor and their website which is why I had to pick up the Zara Office City Bag in tan on eBay where it was being touted as SOUGHT AFTER and RARE and BLOGGERS FAVOURITE.  This isn’t an every day bag for me, mainly because it’s huge, but it was the size of bag that I was most definitely in the market for.  You know those days when you need to take everything but the kitchen sink out with you including camera, laptop and half your make up bag?   The Office City Bag has a ring of a tote about it but with much more structure including three inner compartment and on the textured tan outside there’s a zipped pocket with gold hardware.