The Chloe Faye Bag Dupe On an Ebay Budget

The beauty of fast fashion is that it doesn’t take too long until there’s affordable alternatives to the latest “it” bag or must have Mulberry available in our favourite high street stores.  Marks & Spencers do some amazing quilted Chanelesque shoulder bags and Zara’s selection easily be mistaken for designer.  Granted, dupes may not be for everyone as they’d rather get their hands on the real thing, but for those of us who don’t have £1500 to drop on an handbag, scouting out an imitation or dupes of designer pieces mean that we can have a slice of fashion fabulousness in our wardrobe for only a snippet of the price.

Whilst I’m not about to snap up a Bucci or Marc Jacubs handbag complete with knockout logos and branding, I’m more than happy to switch up by daily handbag for an inspired style that doesn’t break my bank.  I found this Chloe Faye Bag dupe whilst browsing eBay.  At £12.50 including international shipping from China and available in 3 colours (black, grey and tobacco) this is the same in size as the small Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag and features a three compartment interior, faux suede flap over with magnetic closure and polished gold hardware with curb chain and dog clip fastening.  Photographed is the grey which is a neutral everyday shade but I also picked up the bag in Tobacco which is an orange/rust colour with the same gold hardware.

  • I’m so getting this! I’ve been eyeing it on Aliexpress for a year now but I just REALLY want the green or burgundy version and they are so hard to find under £20 dammit. x

  • Sabeeka Lambe

    While I’m more for getting my hands on the real thing, having a couple good quality dupes is a good idea to keep up especially looking at the price difference :)

  • I screamed a little inside when I read the title for this post, I’ve wanted this bag for ages and good old eBay has one!!
    Looks like I’ll be ordering one! Parie xx

  • That’s a really good dupe there :) I love the original and I’m sort of saving for it/eyeing the smaller and newer release that is “only” £500 but this one is just great!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • Oh My Gosh what an amazing Dupe! And such a good price, I love the gold chain and dogclip, and the colour is really different, Off to Ebay…….

  • Oh dear, I have all three in my basket! ;) Thanks for the tip! xx

    x LoveLeah x