The “Charl” Necklace

I’ve mentioned that I like love Sex and the City before right?

Throughout all 6 seasons of SATC, the vision of fashion extraordinaire Patricia Field has inspired an entire generation of women. From the obscure and daring to the absolute classic “Carrie” pieces:

The Dior newspaper dress that Carrie wore to go and meet Natasha for dinner.
The naked dress she wears on her bus advert and for her first date with Mr Big.
& of course, THAT pink tuto ensemble…


All classic Carrie pieces.

But there’s one item in particular that to me says Carrie Bradshaw like no other and that is “The Carrie Necklace”. Remeber when she’s millions of miles away from home in Paris with “The Russian”, he turns out to be an a-hole and she thinks shes loses her beloved necklace when she fell in Dior? It’s her last piece of the old school Carrie from New York, and its gone.  Alexander replaces it with a (very beautiful & expensive) new necklace, saying… “It may not be ‘The Carrie Necklace’ but it is ‘Necklace For Carrie'”. All very well and good, Mr Russian, but the Carrie necklace “cost like nothing, but its priceless” and when she finds it in the silk lining of her Chanel clutch, it may have made my heart flutter with happiness.


I’ve always wanted my own version of the Carrie necklace – The ‘Charl’ Necklace (I was actually debating between Charl and Charlotte but Charlotte would be more like a collar ALL ROUND MY NECK) & I kept intending to get one for myself but for one reason or another didn’t.


Then I received this beauty as a gift from my dad for my *whispers* 26th birthday at the beginning of May and I absolutely love it. You know when someone buys you a gift where you can tell there’s been a lot of thought behind it and it comes from someone completely unexpected? This is one of those of those unexpected but beautifyl gifts. I’m certain that my mum probably suggested the idea, but the fact that it’s something that I’ve wanted for so long anyway and because of the “meaning” behind it (ILOVEITITSMYTHINGLETITGO) makes it much more appreciated.  Slighly chav, slightly self indulgent but nevertheless its perfect to me.

Do you have any particular pieces of jewellery that you love or have sentimental meaning to you?