Tell Me About It, Stud.

If you read any of the build up to The Brit Awards on Wednesday night, you will have seen the hype around the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles post breakup “showdown”. During the actual show there was of course that cheeky shot of Mr Styles’ face as Taylor came on stage to present an award.



You will also have seen the moment in her performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble” (which is rumoured to have been written about Harry) where Ms Swift slipped out of her toilet roll cover looking dress to reveal a barely there, corseted, tight playsuit with her legs out (that went on for miles, literally) in a no-doubt-about-it “LOOK HOW HOT I AM HARRY STYLES”. I’ve no doubt that her plan worked, she did look hot – but it wasn’t the Taylor Swift we know and love – it was the inner femme fatale of a woman scorned who wanted to make a point.

Despite being head over heels in love with the cult musical Grease, afterthe handsomeness of Danny Zukko, singing along to Beauty School Dropout/There Are Worse Things I Could Do and lusting over the 50’s style dresses, I always find myself becoming slightly angry at the ending of the film.

If I say “tell me about it, stud” – will you know what I mean?


Sweet, innocent and all round wholesome Sandra Dee with her shiny bobbed hair, twinset and full skirt disappeared with the “help” of Frenchie in favour of a cigarette smoking, acrylic heel wearing, big haired wh0re in skintight trousers that rendered generations to come, speechless.

And why did she do this? In order to impress a boy.

And it doesn’t just stop at Grease, no my friends. This little “the girl gets the guy” makeover has happened in numerous films, some of my favourite films in fact and I feel like as a bra wielding woman I should get a little bit defensive for the geeky girls and say NO. If a guy doesn’t like you, exactly how you are (like Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones) then he isn’t worth bothering with.


She’s All That – Laney Bogs, in her mental hippy clothes, her long hair, geeky glasses – along comes Freddie Prinze Jr and Natalie Portman and POOF. Short hair, contact lenses, the wearing of “those shoes” and the wearing of “that dress”….and he falls in love with her.


Dirty Dancing – do you think if Baby had continued to walk around carrying water melons and make doe eyes at Johnny Castle she’d have ended up doing that infamous lift at Kellerman’s closing variety show? Heck no. There’s a discreet evolution of Baby’s overall style and clothing. The moment where she dons the fishnets and heels to learn that dance routine? The denim cuts off’s and halter top in place of slacks and a button down shirt. Baby saw what Johnny saw in sexy Penny, and in turn Baby found HER inner Penny, and BOOM. She had the time of her life.

But lets be honest, as much as it makes my blood boil….we’re all guilty of releasing our inner ho for one guy or another. We’ve all become the slightly sluttier version of ourself, whether this mean you wore a redder lipstick, wore higher heels or your bra was a little more push up (I’ve done all 3 at once, on more than one occasion) All because you knew you were going to see “him” – because sometimes we feel its the way to stand aside from the crowd/become a better version of you/get some god damn attention.

  • Love this! I thought exactly the same whilst watching the Brits. So sad that we have to change to get a guys attention/ show him what he’s missing but like you said, we’re all guilty of it.

    Love your blog :)


  • claudia – Beauty and the Chic

    I knew you were trouble was written before she and harry were together wasn’t it? I laughed so hard at the toilet roll holder dress, that’s just what it looks like! haha.

    I always said about grease, the moral to the film is you have to change the way you look and act to impress a guy.

    Your writing is amazing , so funny!

  • I have been so guilty of this in a past life. The thing is as much as Taylor looked was totally obvious what she was doing so was ever so slightly cringy. Have seen girls I know do the same thing but obviously on a smaller stage and it is still a bit eeeek!

    We will always do it though because we know how much men are drawn in by appearance….and boobies or in Taylors case…a lot of thigh.


  • Laura Does

    You know what’s strange? I am currently doing the opposite of a Sandy. The boy I currently like isn’t at all attracted to the high maintenance type, and I’ve obviously picked up on it. I haven’t worn a pair of heels in months.

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