BEAUTY || L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess


If I had to pick a favourite feature, it’d be lips and eyes all, day, long.
I don’t feel quite “made up” without a fine line of black liquid eyeliner and uber black and fluttery eyelashes.

I’m a mascara addict, if a new mascara claims to offer me bigger, more volumous, longer lashes – I’m buying that b!gger.

The mascara I’ve been loving for the last couple of months is the Volume Million Lashes from L’Oreal. It gives my stumpy and pale lashes lashings of volume and makes them blacker than black. Sadly, my tube start to come to the end of its lifespan and it just wasn’t working its magic like it once had. This was one of those “must repurchase, must repurchase” items where you walk into Boots and an invisible force guides you directly to the product you want and you’re not even interested in trying anything else.


Until I saw Volume Million Lashes Excess.


The same product, BUT WITH EXCESS? Consider me all over that shiz.

So how do they compare? I’m kind of sad (and disappointed) to say that I prefer the original formula. Although I was hoping for big things from Excess, it for some reason doesn’t even do what the original does. I find that it doesn’t elongate my lashes at all and where the original would volumise but still leave the individual lashes defined and fluttery, Excess just doesn’t. It’s left me feeling extremely underwhelmed. It feels like I’m using a much cheaper mascara and I don’t know if its the formulation or if its the wand? After using this for the first time I looked at some reviews on other blogs and saw that Miss Budget Beauty switched the wands on these (so she was using the Volume Million Lashes Wand in the excess tube – make sense) so I think I’m going to give that a whirl next time.

Anyone tried these and prefer the Excess, am I doing it wrong?

  • Love love love the original. Havn’t tried the new one but was tempted so won’t now after reading this!!