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4 Destinations I’ll Be Visiting in 2017

I’m on what you’d call “a spending ban” at the minute, which is where I tell people that I’m not going to go shopping or spend money frivolously because I need to save my money and then do it online


Booking a Trip to Venice on a Budget

Ever wanted to book a city break to Venice but don’t want to spend a fortune?  I’ve been 5 times now and have just booked by 6th visit for October.  Obviously, I’ve learned one or two things about how to …


How to Eat on a Budget in Venice


One of my favourite parts of travelling, especially in Venice, is the food. Bowls of delicious pasta, freshly caught sea food from the lagoon, creamy risotto which has been fondly nurtured by its chef, crisp pizza bases with oozing cheese, …


Air B&B | Modern Apartment in Venice

My first Air B&B trip was a bit of a nightmare resulting in a full refund of the monies paid plus a £150 gesture of goodwill voucher code to use should we endeavour to use the service again.  Knowing full …


Apartments in Venice

Accommodation in Venice or any new city can be quite a daunting task to book. When you’re going in blind you have little to no idea of the cities layout, what is within walking distance of the hotel, what the …


The Beautiful Venice

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you may well have seen that at the end March (the 24th to be exact) I packed up my hand luggage sized suitcase (!) and headed to the historic and the …