Jeans & A Nice Top

If there’s one item of clothing that I could be accused of having “one too many of” it’s a button down shirt, although that’s not the worst thing to be accused of.  Cotton, patterned, striped, over sized, fitted… when

Winter Chic

One of the best things about winter fashion?  Cosiness.  Layering.  Textures.

Despite loving prints and bold colour in the warmer months, come the cool weather and months of wind, rain and miserableness, I like to seek comfort in clothing and

Plus Size Parka with ASOS Curve

The beginning of October swiftly brought an end to the mild weather of a relatively bright September. A somewhat imperceptible chill in the air coupled with the turning of leaves have led the way for turning on the fire, coming …

The Classic Trench | Navabi

Despite it still being summer for the next.. 18 days (approximately), I’m going to be THAT annoying person who talks about how much she adores the Autumn months and can’t wait to purchase a fresh pair of 80 denier opaques …