Swan Goals & Relationship Goals

Taylor Swift isn’t a stranger to tabloid tattle tale about her relationships, in fact, she’s kind of famed for her rendezvous but the multi trillion billion selling artists latest relationship has sent social media into a spin after she confirmed a whole load of rumours in just one photo.

Taylor has reportedly been dating Calvin Harris, master of the decks and the Scottish King of Hearts and ex boyfriend of X Factor judge, Rita Ora since March amidst a flurry of “are they/aren’t they” tabloid tales. You know they likes, photographed at the same party, him leaving her house looking a little bleary eyed. Taylor and Calvin (or Talvin… Caylor?) made their first official public appearance as the hottest couple in music since Bey and Jay together at the American Billboard Music Awards in May.


Following that first appearance, social savvy Taylor took to her official Instagram account to post a picture of her and her new beau aboard an inflatable swan accompanied by the caption “Swan Goals”, roughly translated to the onlooking world as “relationship goals”. Despite Swift being famed for going “on too many dates” and her songs of heartbreak, and difficult relationships and being linked to every man and his dog (including Harry Styles, Jake Gylenhall, John Mayer and Taylor Lautner to name a few) it’s not often that Taylor addresses relationship rumours to either confirm or deny her status, which makes the public appearance and the consecutive Instagram pic indicative of the relationship status.

So why is it that the equivalent of “Swan Goals” is such a significant sign in a modern day relationship? 

The 21st century and our obsession with smartphones, selfies, social media and how easily it lends us to documenting our entire life means that nothing quite seals the relationship deal more than your first official photograph together that is made visible to the social media viewing masses. This Instagram’d, Facebook’d or Twitter’d photo is the normal folks version of a celebs exclusion Hello! or OK Magazine cover deal. When the status of your relationship should be defined by the amount of time spent and the intimate moments shared between a couple these techno obsessed times give super weight to social media platforms.

I had a friend who had been with her boyfriend for 6 months. In that time they hadn’t once shared a single photograph on social media and despite holidaying together, she’d never made it onto his Facebook under relationship status nor had she been comfortable enough to tag him during one of their many dates. Even though the rest of his wall was very tag happy with social events. His reluctance to factor her into his online life and stand tall and proud amongst his plethora of Facebook friends to say “THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND AND WE TAKE SELFIES TOGETHER AND WE’RE IN LOVE” caused a real sense of unsettle in the relationship. Because surely a 2k14 couple who play together must selfie together? And if he doesn’t want to make their relationship “Facebook Official” or want someone he worked with 3 years ago or a girl he went to primary school with to know how in love they were, surely he was trying to hide her or keep her a dirty little secret. It didn’t occur to her that maybe he was just super private and didn’t see the need to share this information with cousins he hadn’t seen since they were in diapers. On one trip (that she dubbed “the make or break” trip), she planned to start off introducing herself to his online social circle. So with trembling fingers once on board the train she hit upload on a picture of their luggage accompanied by a tag and an “off on holiday with the fella”. He never addressed the tagging, but he didn’t untag or delete the picture as she had feared. A couple of weeks later they were “Relationship Status” official.

After being the girl who has bit the “posting the first official relationship photo” bullet amidst a sh*t storm of relationship messiness, I see Taylor’s first official nod to her relationship with Calvin relationship as a statement: yes, we’re together, we’re happy, we’re goofing around in a pool on an inflatable swan. End the speculation.

As a Taylor Swift fan I’m so happy to see her a) in a relationship where the pair look genuinely happy and *whispers* in love/enjoying one anothers company (lets not presume) and b) has to a degree taken speculation away and allowed the couple to gain control of the public perception of their relationship.

I for one can’t wait to see the affect of the relationship on Taylor’s song writing and music.  Bring on the slushy (and no, I don’t mean those frozen red or blue drinks).