Jewellery – Storm In a Teacup

Like many girls, when it comes down to it I’m nothing if not a magpie. Show me anything pretty and shiney and my beady little eyes will be all over it. Marilyn Monroe once said that “diamonds are a girls best friend”, as a 25 year old admin gal in Stoke on Trent, diamonds may be a little out of my league. Therefore my best friends are as pretty and sparkly as diamonds but just a little bit more affordable.

Etsy has become my guilty pleasure, I love trawling the jewellery shops on there and creating a fantasy shopping basket full of pretty pendants and adorable earrings.

 A couple of weeks ago Jen @ Storm in a Teacup followed me on Twitter which then forced (yes, forced. easily forced) me into spending my lunch break pouring over her website and falling in love with all of the beautiful vintage and original jewellery she sells. After making jewellery as gifts for friends and catering to their diverse tastes, Jen gave up her full time career and moved into making jewellery full time selling a variety of gems  from whimsical vintage to bold and contemporary at affordable prices.

I did my usual “fantasy shopping basket” and added the following 3 items which I’m madly in love with, come payday I’ll be snapping one if not all of these up and may make a couple more purchases for Christmas gifts for friends and family.

My absolute favourite out of the 4 above is the “Lisa” necklace.  I love the simple but classic design, and it reminds me so much of the “Necklace for Carrie” that Alexander Petrovsky gives to Carrie in Paris.  I’m such a sucker for anything nostalgic.
Check out Storm in a Teacup here.

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