High Street Statement Necklaces

I’m not the most fashion forward of the blogging world, nor am I the most stylish “Jenny on the Block”, but one of my favourite ways to give a usually boring outfit a bit of “pow” is to pile on the accessories… to an extent.

I once heard a quote from someone very stylish (I can’t for the life of me remember who it was – probably Bet Lynch or Kerry Katona) who said that “when you’ve accessorised and are ready to leave the house, always take off the last accessory you added” – rings, bracelets, a watch, a necklace, earrings – sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.

My failsafe way of adding a little “something something” to an outfit is by whacking on a statement necklace.  Whether its under the collar of a shirt, teamed with a plain tee, to add an edge to a pretty tea dress, I find that when it comes to necklaces the bigger and bolder the better. 

I’m currently working four new cheap and cheerful statement necklaces into rotation with my wardrobe and thought I’d share them with you…


Top Row – both from New Look // Bottom Row – both from Primark


  • I love a good statement necklace, that chunky gold chain one looks like something I should own… :p Also, that advice is probably something I should follow haha, it’s not unknown for me to go out looking like a Christmas Tree…

    Holly Mixtures


  • Laura

    Love a statement necklace! I read that you should stand with your back to a mirror and when you spin round to face it, you should remove the first accessory that catches your eye. (I don’t know how effective that is because I think I would just look at the prettiest thing I was wearing regardless of whether it was over the top or not!)

  • sarah

    I love a statement necklace too, bought 2 today lol. Think it was coco chanel?