Spinning Like a Girl in a Brand New Dress

Since my last (but rather successful) OOTD post, I’ve not really had the opportunity to get dressed up in any outfits that I would like to share with the world – nobody wants to see my half asleep and thrown together work attire OR my pyjamas (although Hannah did a Bridget Jones OOTN post where she posed in her PJ top and knickers – I’m open to doing that one).

As I told you earlier in the week, I headed down to London for a beauty blogger meet at Selfridges (AKA MECCA) and then onto She Said Beauty – I have a whole post in the pipeline where I’ll share with you details of the day and the lovely people who I was in “the big smoke” with.  But for now let me show you my outfit…



Dress – Primark // Jacket – So Fabulous // Bag – Ebay // Boots – Primark // Necklace – Primark

This dress was a last minute steal from Primark after the dress that I ordered (last minute) for Next Day Delivery didn’t turn up.  It’s a tad shorter in the pictures than I thought it was but considering I already flashed to the majority of Tottenham Court Road thanks to the unreliable English blustery gales, I’m quite impressed that its actually covering my knickers.  The jacket is the new love of my life.  After convincing myself for the longest time that in a biker jacket I’d look like “Shirl and Heav” from Eastenders combined, I finally caved after seeing the likes of Rosie and Callie in similiar jackets and looking the definition of hotness.  This beauty is from the So Fabulous range at Very and its quickly become my second skin.

The bag is my “spring” bag, a bit of colour never killed anyone and this bag is certainly a bit of colour – I got this off of eBay (and although delivery took a lifetime) I love it.  Blue, “suede”, studs and a long strap and I’m sold.  It’s also available in black and for the price I’m considering getting that one as well – it would be rude not to.  Accessories were mixed metals in the form of this bargain necklace from Primark, my River Island watch and my usual bracelets..

(This dress well and truly got about over my trip in London.  It was borrowed by Hannah the next day and is currently living in Essex until I can get it back off her.)

  • Have you photoshopped these to make your hair more ginger?

    • Charlotte

      Alas, I haven’t – that is actually how ginger my hair was that day. Maybe I’m like a mood ring and the more cheerful I am the ginger-er my hair gets?

  • Love this dress and necklace! Looking gorgeous! x

  • Unevenlemmmnig

    I forgot to ask you on the day what lipstick you were wearing it was an awesome pink!

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