Soap and Glory | Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse

Soap and Glory are well known for their bath and body care. Their Clean on Me shower cream and Sugar Crush body scrub is a staple in my bathroom and I always stock up come the Christmas bumper box. What I don’t hear many people rave about is the skin care. I’ve previously reviewed Dr Spot and hold it in high regard as an SOS product that can save me from the most dire of breakouts and Speed Plump All day Moisture Marvel is my post repurchased beauty item of 2016. Since buying for the first time in Feb 2016 I’ve found that no other cream can come close to it or provides my skin with the ultimate base for the day ahead. In the event that I ran out of Moisture Marvel I reverted back to a different cream and I noticed a difference in how my skin looked and also how my make up applied – marvel by name, marvel by nature. When I picked up yet another tube in Boots, I noticed that a) they had a 1/3 off ALL Soap & Glory skincare and b) they do a night version in the Speed Plump range.

The Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse is certainly different in texture to the day cream. As per its name it does have quite a “mousse-y” consistency (you can see the bubbles in the pictures) although what difference this makes to the product in terms of application I’m not sure, it may just be a gimmick but either way, I love a good gimmick . This a surprisingly light moisturiser for night time but according to the packing its packed full of boosters to rehydrate the skin overnight including Hyaluronic acid, actiginseng™, highdrate-24™, fruitylastic™ and orange flowerpower-ha2™ smoothing Complex – get your tongue around them!


It’s not as intense or thick as the Wish Upon a Jar night cream or other equally as rich creams I’ve tried in the past but that suits me just fine. As much as I like to give my skin an injection of moisture and treat overnight I find that most night creams can sit on my skin, don’t absorb and wind up soaking into my pillow more than it does my thirsty skin. Not ideal! I wouldn’t call the Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse an Overnight Miracle, it doesn’t WOW me but it’s everything I’ve been looking for in a night cream. It’s lightweight, smells good, leaves my skin looking brighter and feeling softer and more plump in the morning and unlike a lot of those heavier creams I’ve mentioned previously, it doesn’t clog my pores and break me out. Used in conjunction with the All Day Moisture Marvel and Pixi’s Glow Tonic I feel like I have a superhero trio working it’s magic on my skin this winter.

You can pick up the Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse online from Boots at the moment for £9.33 with 1/3 off its usual RRP of £14.00