Sleek “Mirrored Pink” Blush

Technically speaking, I know that I don’t need another blusher.  I only have two cheeks (that I apply blusher to *wink wink, nudge nudge*) and there are only so many days in a week, but I’m a girl and I’m attracted to pretty things, and 9 times out of 10 what my heart wants, my heart gets. While browsing the shelves of Superdrug this week with Terri, my eyes fell upon this new Sleek blush.  After dragging her away from covering up her clown cheeks after applying all of the blushers, we simultaneously “oooh”‘d at the prettiness of this blush.  I resisted buying it, that was until I left Terri and then had to run/walk quickly back to Superdrug to purchase it as there were only two left and I’d been thinking about its magical glow the whole time we were supping Starbucks and talking rubbish.



Mirrored Pink is a light pink shimmer blush with a silver sh

een running through it to give cheeks that fairytale shimmer look (I’m thinking Snow White or Cinderella cheeks, just FYI)  To me “Mirrored Pink” looks like it should be the springtiem sister of Sleek’s Rose Gold and I think thats why I love it so much.  Like most Sleek blushers, it’s heavily pigmented so you need to apply with a light hand, but once its on it gives your cheeks the prettiest pink glow.


You can never have too many blushers…… right? 

  • Rachael

    I’ve always been impressed with Sleek blushers this one looks a really pretty shade!

  • I’d never used sleek until I bought one of their eyeshadow palettes and now I’m hooked! I’ll have to keep a look out for this shade it looks gorgeous!

    Chelsea HumbleHonesty

    • Charlotte

      I think its Limited Edition so RUN RUN RUN! I think the eyeshadow palettes are amazing quality at amazing prices!

  • That is sooooo beautiful.

    I’m looking for a lipstick exactly that color.

    Anyone know one?