Simply Be Style Your Partner

I received an email from the lovely people at Simply Be asking me if I wanted to take part in their Style Your Partner challenge. I had images of dressing Dan up in sequins and high heels like something out of Ladyboys of Bangkok, but it appeared the challenge was actually for Dan to style me.   Intrigued?  Me too!

Dan was set the challenge of coming up with the perfect Party Outfit from a selection of the latest trends from Simply Be – but how well would he know my style? Men aren’t known to be the most up to scratch when it comes to their partners style “just chuck anything on” “you look nice in anything” I usually get when I’m hopping round the bedroom with my tights half on declaring that “I can’t find anything to wear” as my wardrobe bulges with dresses and skirts galore.

With a blank Polyvore canvas, a catalogue of dresses, skirts, tops, bags, necklace and shoes at his disposal would he be able to come up with something worth of stepping “out on the town” in or would I be rethinking our entire relationship based on me exclaiming “you thought I’d be seen dead wearing THAT?” (like All Star Mr & Mrs, fashion edition).


The result?  I was very pleasently surprised.

The key piece in the outfit is the body con scuba print dress from the recently launched Kelly Brook collection. It’s bright, its patterened, it clings in all the right places…it was exactly the dress that I’d have picked had I been styling the outfit for myself.

Pair that with these grey wedge heel boots that don’t only look good but are pretty practical. I love my heels but I don’t like having to kick them off towards the end of the night to walk around barefoot or making that constipated face of “the balls of my feet are burning away”. To combat this I try and balance style with comfort and these will be perfect for that – I have a pair of wedge boots like this in black from Asda which I wore TO DEATH so these are a nice mix up.

My life motto is “if in doubt, stick a statement necklace on it”. I have Mr T worthy necklaces hanging off cupboard door handles and over the bathroom mirror so I’m not surprised that he picked one!  Unfortunately the one he picked in the image above was sold out and I was instead sent his second pick (that I secretly prefer) which simply screams STATEMENT.

“I picked this bag for you for you to put all of your sh!t in” said Dan. Offended, I was not.

On a night out I don’t like to weigh myself down, but trying to fit a phone, a purse, a mirror, lipstick, perfume, a couple of makeup brushes for touch ups, a hairbrush and maybe an umbrella in a teeny little clutch is a nightmare, so this over sized clutch-come-shoulderbag is the perfect accessory (and it means I don’t have to drag all the aforementioned crap out when I’m trying to pay for my drink at the bar).

To top the whole outfit off (and to keep me from “catching my death” as my beloved Nan would say) this blazer.  I’m a massive fan of a black blazer, they’re the perfect wardrobe staple for dressing up an outfit.  If you’re worried about looking too much like you’ve wandered away from the office, this blazer has a modern twist with the PU detailing, zips and waist fastening which really helps to define the wait and can cinch you in where it really matters.

It seems I needn’t have suffered horrid thoughts of a hoodie and jeans or a dress akin to the one Julie Roberts wore in Pretty Woman were completely irrelevant.  My sweaty palms and twitchy fingers as he perused the Internet and asked questions like “do you wear pointy shoes?”  were not needed as boy did good.  Thank the Lord.

*Simply Be kindly gifted me with my chosen party outfit and Dan received serious boyfriend points for picking such a put together looking outfit 

  • Boy done good, love the dress it’s gorgeous. He’s keeper if he can pick an outfit like that

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    • The dress is beautiful isn’t it. To be honest his lasagne is just as good as his taste in bodycon dresses haha! x

  • Laura

    WOW! You look FAB!!

  • Oooh, boy done good – you look fab! I’m not sure if I’d want my boyf to style me up or not – he’d either get it REALLY right or so incredibly wrong I reckon!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  • The man done great! Fab outfit! I probably wouldn’t have picked such a put together outfit myself. I saw you in look magazine this week! Lovely blog :) Verity ( xo