Sassy Throw Cushions from George at Asda

Long gone is bland, boring home decor and tubs upon tubs of magnolia paint, blown vinyl and pub style carpets and in their place are Pinterest inspired palettes of white wash floorboards, monochrome backdrops with a “pop of colours”, all out brights, copper tone detailing and reflective surfaces to give the illusion of more space. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen eat your heart out.

After being drawn in by a home ware social post, I easily lost half an hour on the Asda website perusing a page full of cushions, because lets face it… who doesn’t love a sofa full of cushions?

I love cushions. In the spare room, my bedroom, on the sofa, on an armchair. Wherever I can lay a cushion, there’ll be one.

They’re perfect for creating comfortable nests and for injecting a statement colour into an otherwise muted palette.

George at Asda wouldn’t usually be my go to brands for Pinterest-esque decor. Granted, there is usually a hidden gem or two hidden away to fit my tastes. A funky frame here, a cool cushion there, perhaps a punchy print to hang on the wall, but just lately they’ve stepped up their homeware game when it comes to statement pieces to give the home an instant makeover at an affordable price.

As it happens, I don’t really need an injection of colour into my living room. A bright pink sofa and a wall of brightly coloured prints against a blank white canvas means that I’m not exactly shy of patterns and bold colours but when I saw these decorative letter cushions for the bargain price of £5 I picked up a “C” and a “D” (don’t puke at the sentimentality). They’re medium sized (40cm x 40cm), well filled and each letter has a different pattern and colourway meaning that you could fill your alphabet boots without worrying you’ll pick up two of the same.

Sassy Since Birth | George at Asda
Decorative Letter Cushion | George at Asda

The first cushion to make its way into my basket was this small, round cross stitch style cushion with bright floral and pink piped detailing. Sassy Since Birth could not be a more apt message to add to my collection and has taken pride of place in the centre of my “cushion arrangement” (that’s a thing, right?)