Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry


I think I may be some kind of masochist, but I’m becoming addicted to watching sad films.  And this isn’t the first time.  At one point, I remember spending 3 days on the sofa at home watch the Titanic DVD.  “3 days?”  I hear you ask, “I know its long but 3 DAYS?”  The reason it took me 3 days to watch is because I had to break it into 3 parts because it was absolutely emotionally draining.  Feel free to mock me.

I must be a sucker for punishment, but there’s something about settling down on the sofa with Ted, wrapped in a blanket and watching some weepy film.  I’m a weeper anyway, I’m one of those overly emotional women folk who can cry at a McDonalds advert – heck I even have a bit of a weep watching Keep Up With The Kardashians, so it doesn’t take too much to start off the waterworks.

The most horrific and torturous film I even put myself through watching was The Green Mile – for some unbeknown (mental) reason, I’ve watched it twice (because the first time wasn’t quite horrific enough apparently).  I bought The Green Mile to watch on Valentines Day, alone, under the illusion that THINGS COULD BE WORSE.  During the final scenes of that film I was lay under my blanket, my eyes more pillow faced than Sharon Osborne post surgery, and the noise that escaped my trembling lip was nothing short of an animalistic wail.

Last week I must have broke my own personal record however by settling down to watch not 1, not 2, but 3 weepy films One Day (really sad – but equally as inspring as it is sad), One Day (shockingly sad) and Never Let Me Go (absolutely and completely horrificly sad).  On the “waaaaah!” factor, never Let Me Go makes me cry those quiet tears that just won’t stop and you don’t even bother to wipe them away because they just keep flowing.

Because I’m that much of a masochist, I’m asking for your recommendations – what are the weepy films that you love?  I’m talking The Notebook style sadness, love stories that wind up with somebody dying or something…

Just don’t suggest Marley & Me.  The thought of a dog dying is far too much for me to handle.

  • Haha I’m like that too – I love sad songs. All my friends think I’m bonkers cus’ of it. My top fave sad films has to include PS I love you, The Notebook & A Walk To Remember.

    If you’re after something different though you should check out Bridge to Terabithia. I thought it was a lighthearted kids film but I baaaaalled my eyes out!


  • Don’t even get me started on One day. I had to stop it multiple times to catch my breath. Another film that never fails to make me cry is P.S. I love you, I start crying even before the film starts. I’ve also heard that the best films for crying are Tres metros sobre el cielo and Tengo ganas de ti, but I’m actually afraid to watch them as I may drown in my own tears :)

  • Laura

    I sobbed at Never Let Me Go! Moulin Rouge is really sad and also A Little Bit of Heaven. I thought it was going to be a typical rom com when I saw the trailer but I swear I spent 60% of the film weeping! X

  • I have a love/hate relationship with sad films, I know a film is going to be really sad and make me cry but I just have to watch it lol the saddest films I’ve seen are Marley & Me and My Sisters Keeper, I absolutely cried my eyes out whilst watching both of those films xx

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  • Jayde

    I’ve not actually seen any of those! How terrible. May just have to go grab my snuggy and rectify this right now.

    The Notebook, My sisters Keeper, Charlottes Webb (Yeah, crying at a spider, Time Travellers wife, Marley and Me, Forrest Gump, The boy in striped Pyjamas, Up.. all make me cry (to name a few). I even cried at I Am Legend when his dog dies. Anything with a dog dying in it, and i’m reduced to nothing but a wailing ball of tears.

    Sometimes is nice to just have a good cry though! Don’t know if thats just me though haha.

    Jayde |

  • NotSoSimples

    The Notebook is my absolute favourite film ever, I’ve seen it umpteen times now and yet cry every time(part because it’s a beautiful film, part because Ryan Gosling will never do that with me!) Seriously don’t ever watch Hachi, my mum bought it for me as I’m serious dog lover so thought I’d love it but it took me days to get over the heartbreak of it, how it’s classified as a family film I don’t know. Beautifully heart wrenching yes, family film hell no unless you enjoy using a whole box of tissues each!

  • CharlieH

    City of Angels, sad but in a feel good way. Wept buckets!