RUSH Hair Salon Birmingham | Review

Last weekend I was invited  by the powers that be to Rush Hair Salon Birmingham, one of the latest additions to Rush’s portfolio and feeling at the end of my wit with my locks, I jumped at the chance. My hair was at that awkward in between length, my fringe needed a trim and although still on the ginger colour spectrum, it was lacking in the OOMPH that I like and I felt more washed out peach than traffic cone orange (which is a colour I tend to aim for). Hair aside, I welcome any opportunity to hop on a train to Birmingham, head into the big city, partake in some food and frighten my bank card in Selfridges Beauty Hall.

There’s something about adopting the “not so much a bob, not so much shoulder length” ‘do of the moment which means that within a matter of days your hair can go from a hairstyle to hair unstyled. Those extra couple of millimetres or dead ends owed to winter weather can completely make or break your overall hair style. With that in mind, I’ve found myself heading to the hairdressers a lot more regularly than I did when my hair was long and running free and since partaking in some bleachin’ n balayage back in July all in the name of Olaplex, I’ve never seemed to colour my hair so much. I’ve practically been wearing out the seat of the hairdressers chair.

Rush Hair Salon Birmingham

Rush Hair Birmingham

“What are we doing today?” was the ominous question from Lewis, my colourist and stylist for the day, as I pulled bobby pins out of my “saved by texturising spray” two day old, washed out, split ended hair.

Where to start?

I showed Lewis exactly what I wanted: vibrant copper colour and a bold graduated bob with almost disconnected section towards the front and a fringe I could wear full or in a more centre parting should I want to.

My colour was applied first at the roots and then through the lengths of my hair to bring back some richness and if like me you’re used to brightly coloured hair, there’s something so extremely psychological about topping up your colour. I’m talking “wash that man right out of my hair” feel good feeling (but there’s no man involved, well, in my case it was Lewis). As soon as that dye is rinsed out and I see that traffic cone glow on the ends of my hair, I’m back baby.

Ever feel completely vulnerable at a back wash when you’re in a salon? I do. Often situated in the middle of the room, you’re sat at an awkward angle, you’re making small talk and more often than not you’re worried about water rubbing off your make up. The RUSH salon is nothing like that. Tucked away at the far end of the salon, there’s an enclosed dimly lit area with candles, gleaming tiled surfaces and soothing music which makes your regular hair shampoo and condition feel more luxury head massage than a good old rub a dub dub. Although, “shampoo and condition” doesn’t quite cover the extent of treatments my hair received that day.

Rush Hair Salon Birmingham

Rush Hair Salon Birmingham

Rush Hair Salon Birmingham

First up the colour was rinsed out of my hair and a colour shot added to the lengths of my hair to seal in the colour and prevent fading where my hair is bleached. Next up a Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment which offers a personalised dose of goodness in a fancy test tube which lasts up to 5 washes.

After escaping the sanctuary it was time for the trim. This is where I kind of wish I’d avoided being textbook #VeryBritishProblems and spoken up a little. I do love the cut of my hair, the length off overall hair has left my hair feeling much neater and blunter, the long layer on top adds a kick of volume at the lengths of my hair and its in much better condition (thanks to the treatments for that too!) but my super graduated bob seemed to be more bob than graduated once dry and styled. Despite willingly wanting to sacrifice the length at the back of my hair in order to achieve the killer angle I wanted, I wound up with a 5 degree angle as opposed to 45 degrees (I’m guestimating there, I’ve not owned a geometry set since high school). Don’t get me wrong, it looks good, I’m back at the perfect “in between” length and I’m back at the Ginger Spice hue but the cut isn’t exactly what I wanted but I like it nonetheless.

Would I rate it?  The staff in the salon were super friendly, the salon itself within walking distance of New Street/The Mailbox (it’s on Corporation Street) and with a reputation as profound as RUSH who currently boast over 70 salons, you’re definitely in safe hands.  RUSH often have amazing deals on for new customers, recommend a friend schemes, % of your next visit – the list goes on!

Quote RUSH50 on your first booking at RUSH Hair Salon Birmingham to receive 50% off your first cut & colour.

I was kindly invited along to Rush Hair Salon Birmingham in exchange for a review of their services.  My hair really did need a trim and my review as ever is completely fair and unbiased