Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

When it comes to new releases, Rimmel have had me wow’d over the last year.  Apocalips, Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliners, the Salon Pro nail polishes – they’re all on my massive love list.  Which is why when I saw on Twitter that Rimmel were releasing a matte foundation by the name of Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation & I was excited to try it.  I have a little bit of a bug bear with Rimmel in that their foundations are never pale enough for my skin.  I wanted desperately to love Wake Me Up foundation for days when I need a little hydration and ZING to make me look, well, awake – but their lightest shade made me want to dye my hair green and dance next to a chocolate river – if you get my drift?


I had high hopes for Stay Matte, firstly the promise of “matte”, I’d heard it had good coverage (perfect for the impending autumn weather) and the new colours in the shade range “Light Porcelain” massively appealed to my translucent coloured skin.  I had such high hopes infact, that even though I was purchasing a fresh bottle of Colorstay, I picked this up too.


Two positives about the foundation:

It does have really good coverage.  I’d say its on the same level of Colorstay.

The colour range is much “pale skin friendly”.  0010 Light Porcelain is the perfect colour for my skin, if not perhaps a tad too pale coming out of the back end of summer, but given the up and coming cooler weather front I get to play snow white again & this would be perfect.

That’s where the positives stop.



The texture of the foundation is mousse, so its a lot thicker than your average foundation, but not quite Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.   This makes it really difficult to blend.  I’ve used this twice so far, once before a night out and once for work.  No matter how careful I am with application, I’m left with “drag” marks and patchy skin – I spent twice as long blending as I usually do and it still looked awful in natural light.

Its very drying and makes my skin look dull and tired.  Even after pairing it with Soap and Glory “Bright Here, Bright Now” which never fails to give me some much needed radiance, it left my oily skin looking dryer than the Sahara. It also clung to any dry bits of skin or healing blemishes – pretty unsightly.

I’ll add the standard “thats just my skin, we’re all different and maybe it will work for you” – but I say it with a lot of nose wrinkling.  This will be thrown into the back of my makeup drawer and filed under “new products that were worth the hype but made me want to put a paper bag on my head“.

Sorry Rimmel, I do love you & I want to say its not you, its me… but it really is you this time.  I’m going to go and play with my Apocalips to rekindle my desire for you.

  • Jemma Page (@bamboozlebeauty)

    It’s a shame that you don’t get on with this foundation. I got samples of it in this months Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazine and I fell in love with it instantly. I haven’t had any issues with the application – I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and the KIKO City Filter primer if that helps in anyway.

    Definitely need to purchase the full size but for some reason, it isn’t stocked in my Boots yet.


  • Emma

    Aw it’s a shame you never got on with it! I have yet to try it but am always skeptical about new foundations and break outs.

    Emma x

  • I’ve never been a fan of Rimmel products, particularly their foundations. Always very odd consistencies and finishes. I do like the 17 Miracle Matte Foundation but you didn’t though did you? So I MIGHT try this.

  • That’s such a shame. I was thinking about purchasing this, but I think I’ll leave it now.

    Laura x

  • Heather

    I was surprised by this review! I find that the foundation is really light, stays on all day and has excellent coverage which is what i want for my not flawless skin. It’s very easy to put too much on though and you only need the smallest bit making it last for ages.

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  • Vikki

    I started using this last year and recently my skin has been getting drier and drier. Not knowing what’s causing it I gave up using this product and my skin is getting softer and glowing again.
    I’m not saying this isn’t good. It is the best foundation I have ever had! But now realise it’s not one you can wear everyday :(

    • Charlotte

      Everytime I try to use it I start to like it for a bit but then I realise my skin starts becoming dull and dry. Perhaps a sign that our skin isn’t as oily as we thought?