BEAUTY || Rimmel Apocalips – Swatches and Review

If there’s one drug store brand that I have mad love for at the minute, its Rimmel. After their release of the Kate Moss Matte lipsticks, Rimmel have served up another lip sensation that has certainly set tongues wagging.

The “Apocalips” are a new age hybrid of lipstick and a lipgloss and are being marketed as a lip lacquer. What this means is that you get all of the pigmentation of a lipstick, but with that glossy finish that we all know and love.

There are 8 colours in this debut line ranging from a lovely nude shade (Nude Eclipse) to everyone’s much coveted red lip (Big Bang)



As much as I would of loved to picked up the full range, I managed to limit myself to just two (I originally said I would try one..oops). The colours I picked up were the hot pink “Apocaliptic” and the more mauve/plum shade “Galaxy”.


Top: Galaxy / Bottom: Apocaliptic

Lets talk aesthetics: the packaging of the Apocalips is (I feel cringe worthy saying it) “space age” – super sleek looking and angular black packaging. They have a foam applicator and are super smooth and creamy to apply, very moisturising for those dry winter mornings and now lets talk staying power… its out of this world – see what I did there?

I applied Apocaliptic yesterday morning before work at 8am. I had 3 cups of tea, a Kit Kat, spent the majority of the morning chatting and this stuff clung like a mother pucker.  I posted this picture on Twitter at around 11:30am showing how it was holding up and I was suitably impressed with the staying power.


After the lunchtime mark at about 1pm, the glossy look had gone but underneath my lips were stained so I just topped this up with a balm to give me a bit of shine.

These are one of those products where the hype is completely justified. I’m thoroughly in love with the quality of the formulation, the last power, the look of the packing – all of this and for only £5.99 .

  • Catherine,

    Both the colours are gorgeous, and the staying power sounds amazing! I ordered a couple today, can’t wait for them to arrive! xo

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on these, I’m going to Boots tomorrow and am genuinely excited! I really love the look of the one called Galaxy

  • These need to come to Canada along with the Wake Me Up line. Are Rimmel Displays are lacking. They look amazing:) x

    • Charlotte

      Aw I’d love to do a product swap with you! x

      • sorry I just saw that you replied lovely. I love doing Swaps. Ive been done 2 last year and had so much fun:)
        Sara x

    • Alexis

      We have the wake me up foundation now! I saw it in walmart yesterday :)

  • Wow I can’t believe how well it stayed on! Looks gorgeous, as soon as I get some pennies I’ll have to nip into town and see which colours suit me (if any!) :-) Apocaliptic is just such a beautiful colour!

    • Charlotte

      They’re worth the pennies! Apocaliptic is probably my fave! x

  • I tried out mine last night and it made it through a full hour’s exercise class which was quite impressive!

    • Charlotte

      Just think how long they’d last with kissing! x

  • Totes getting one of these babies tomorrow.

    • Charlotte

      Buy two!!x

  • Kristina K

    I love those shades :)

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