Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Ivory

Dear Revlon,

I would like to take a moment out of my day to declare my undying love to you.  I just don’t think you know how much you mean to me, and it breaks my heart a little. 

You stole my heart with your Colorstay foundation – the staying power, the flawless finish, the colour match.. it was as though I’d found the other half of me in a foundation bottle. You seduced me with your Lip Butters, they were like my own personal brand of heroin – I was pacing the floor of Boots just waiting for them to be released after I’d seen those biatches in America slobbering all over them like lovesick puppies. Then you swept me off my feet with your Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, nothing has caressed my lips like those, and I thank you on a daily basis for making my lips so damn perfect.  I thought you couldn’t outdo this, there’s only so much good one brand can bring.

And now. Now you bring out the Nearly Naked foundation.


When I saw the likes of Miss Budget Beauty and Essie Button flaunting the Nearly Naked foundation, I was convinced the coverage would be too light for me and I felt those pangs of jealously. I knew I wanted it, I knew I needed it… But I usually favour a heavier foundation to hide my uneven skintone and facial flaws so convinced myself that it would only disappoint me, best to admire it from afar. Then one day (on one of my many shopping trips) the cheeky little bottle winked at me from its stand in Boots and it wasn’t long before it was in my hand… and then in my basket and eventually… in my makeup bag.

It was love at first swatch. The colour match is perfection, I find the shade “Ivory” to be ever so slightly lighter than the shade I used in Colorstay (“Buff”) and is actually a better colour batch for my practically translucent skin. The coverage is actually quite impressive, I was expecting next to nothing but I’d class it as a light-medium coverage which is buildable. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin at all, I feel as though my skin can breathe and dare I say, it makes me feel like I’m not wearing any makeup.

Nearly Naked, dare I say.

I’m a bit of a foundation whore. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m guilty of one day stands with foundations purely because I have high expectations of what I want and Nearly Naked certainly hits that spot. At first I felt asthough I was cheating on Colorstay and it made me feel dirty I won’t lie. But I know my beloved Colorstay would want the best for me in life.

I love you Revlon, lets never fall out or have bad words.

Yours forever,  Charl xo