Reasons Why I Love The Irish

To be sure to be sure tis tirty tree minus minus sixteen days and tis 17th March, this means tat it must be Paddy’s day to be sure it is to be sure… POTATO!


With my ginger hair and see through skin, I’m sure I could pass for an irish lass (before I inevitably opened my mouth and let the Stokie cat out of the bag) and packing up my lipsticks and Ryan Air-ing it over to Ireland to live for the rest of my life would be incredible. I was lucky enough to visit Dublin last year for the final Westlife gig at the infamous Croke Park (ILOVETHEMITSMYTHINGLETITGO) and the trip to the Emerald Isle did nothing but cement my absolute love for the Irish.

In honour of the day that is St Patrick, I wanted to run down TREE *ahem* 3 of my favourite Irish things.

1. The Accent (as demonstrated in the video above) – If I could have any accent in the world, it’d be an irish accent. Everything and anything said with that soft irish twang to it automatically sounds sexier. Think about it, since when has “thirty three” said in any other accent ever made you want to instantly drop to your knees? Even the women sound hot. My theory is that no matter how ugly the man, add into the mix an irish accent and he is infinitely hotter.


2. Guinness – this, much to the amusement of many, is my tipple of choice. (I have Instagram based PROOF! I don’t half love having my lips round a good head of Guinness) I’d rather a pint of the black stuff to a cheeky cocktail any day AND combined with the fact that because of the amount of iron in it, its technically good for you – I will sink pints of it. Not particularly ladylike, no, BUT (and this is no word of a lie) the amount of attention you receive from men from standing sipping a pint of Guinness is phenomenal #pullingtipswithCharl

3. The Men – let me say this only once, IRISH MEN ARE THE HOTTEST MEN IN ALL OF THE LANDS EVER.

I don’t how it happens, or why it happens – but Irish men seem to be like complete adonis’ to me. Forget this blonde hair/blue eyed race lark, give me dark haired and pasty irish men with an abundance of body hair and a sexy irish accent (and a guitar, a guitar works well here also) and well, I’m a puddle of mess *ahem* I think it’s the Guinness pumping through the veins of everybody procreating in Ireland which creates this dark and hairy species of men with eyes like chocolate puddles and voices that melt the hearts of, well, something cold.

I wasn’t going to do this, but I’m going to have to give you a run down of some of the hottest Irish men simply to prove my point to you. This is dedication to my lovely readers to sit in bed on a Sunday morning and Google pictures of these guys, I hope you appreciate it.  (who am I kidding,  if you can’t perve on Sunday, when can you perve?)

READY? Sitting down? Clean knickers on? Lets go.






Colin Farrell // Danny O’Donaghue // Cillian Murphy // Shane Filan // Jonathan Rhys Meyers 

Still reading?  Get down the pub and buy me a Guinness.  Fer godsake man.

  • My boyfriend is about as Irish as they come, half the time I can’t understand a word he says.. and he can still be as much as a tosser as every other man, don’t be fooled ;)
    Loved the post, you do make me chuckle xx

    • Charlotte

      Oooooh so you think you can come on here, flaunting your sexy irish boyfriend and then throwing in the spanner that irish men are just as bad as other men? I say you’re lying. I say Irish men are the best and you know it and youre trying to throw me off the scent so you can keep them all to yourself! x

  • Vic

    Irish accents… just yes. Not a fan of the black stuff, I can just about manage half a pint but then I’m done!

  • Love your blog, why isn’t #pullingtipswithCharl trending! You’re onto something, a girl drinking beer/ale never fails to impress a man!

    Sophierosehearts x

    • Charlotte

      Thats the only pulling tip I have tho :/ help me to trend it tho! haha x

  • Nisha

    I loved reading this post!! someone else who loves the irish accent. My boyfriend really isnt irish but that accet is just something. Its true doesnt matter the man- with that accent.Just amazing!! Im your newest follower x

    • Charlotte

      Thank you for the follow my dear! x

  • I have been drooling at the men in the post all day….. That’s it I’m moving to Ireland, we could go together? Also I am going to start drinking pints of Guinness I need that kind of pulling tool.. x

    • Charlotte

      Do you know how excited your “we could move together to Ireland” comment made me – THIS WOULD BE HEAVEN. Non stop Guinness, lots of Irish fitties and my little Alice all rolled into one! x

  • mmmm Jonathan Rhys Meyers……yes please.