Reasons Why I Love Summer

It’s May the 2nd.  There’s a hint of sunshine and I’ve actually switched on my desk fan at work – its officially Spring/Summer ladies and gentlemen (well, close enough).  My body has been calling out for some natural  vitamin C, my feet are sick of being cooped up in boots and my hair and skin are fed up of being zapped of all moisture one minute from the cold, and flooded with it the next from the damn rain.  I’m going to make a stand and say that I may well be a sufferer of that thing they call SAD, the sunshine has coome just in time (I dont want to fathom what may have happened had it held out on me a second longer – bad times.)


“Why is she so desperate for summer?”  you may be thinking “gingers can’t go out in the sun because they shrivel and die/burn, so why is she begging for the sun?”  Of course you’re right.  One day of blaring sunshine and I become one massive freckle OR turn a rather luminous shade of glowing pink lobster (and either peel, or quickly return to white again) – us ginger folk don’t cope well.  But with the sun comes all of these things, and a bit of ginger hair isn’t going to dampen the fun that these bring…

Ice Lollies – Fab, Feast, Twister, Cider, Solero, Cornetto, Nobbly Bobbly and of course an original 99 Flake with strawberry sauces and hundreds and thousands. Summer sees the return of all the old favourites from the land of iced confectionary and I get this amazing Mr Whippy ice cream van tune sixth sense about me as I hurtle out of the front door and join the queue of 8 year olds, clutching my silver coins and eyeing up the menu.  Tip:  don’t ever try to eat an ice lolly in the company of men, and if you have to – never make eye contact (check out Sophie’s post on the correlation between how you eat that ice cream and your “oral” technique – giggles a plenty)

Music – when the sun is out, I turn into some kind of ghetto fabulous wannabe from Barbados.  Out goes the lyrically heavy and pondery songs of my mich loved “rockier” music and in comes the bassline heavy and sing along songs.  I’m talking Beyonce, Rihanna and Christina a plenty.

Road Trips – I don’t drive, sadly, but I know people who do and there’s nothing better than hopping into a car with a map, some summer music and going on a mini adventure.  Whether it be to the seaside or even Ikea, it beats “ERMERGAWD I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH THIS” days in the winter where outside looks like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow and you can see your breath.

Men with their tops off – now lets be specific.  I’m not talking about any man with their top off.  In Stoke on Trent, come the first ray of sunshine it appears the pastiest Jeremy Kyle style contestants whip off their tops and find it appropriate to swagger round the streets with their jeans slung round their backsides and some kind of Lil Wayne song blaring from their phone.  NO.  I’m talking the tanned boys, with their ripped abs, a smattering of chester hair, and over washed and slightly ripped jeans hanging off their hips like something from Home and Away.  (might have just drooled a little bit)

Sunglasses – oversized, Hollywood glam style sunglasses become a staple in my summer wardrobe.  This is certainly a case of “the bigger the better”.  There’s no need for eye make up or even under eye concealer – a quick dib dab on concealer on the chin spots (I always have at least one) and a slick of lipstick – the brighter the better and I’m good to go.  Who wants to hang around applying a full face of make up when there are….

Beer Gardens – HURRAH.  Bottles of ice cold wine, a tasty Mojito or even a nice cold pint of Guinness (guilty as charged) there’s nothing quite like having a drink in the great outdoors.  Throw in a bag of Scampi fries, an annoying wasp or two, a group of your closest friends and it’s practically the perfect summer snapshot.

Happiness – everyone just seems instantly happier when there’s a bit of a sun.  The people who would usually barge into you as they walk past whilst mumbling expletitives actually speak, and say hello and also say things like “lovely day for it isn’t it?”  I don’t know what “it” is but it certainly is yes, all of it.

What’s your favourite thing about summer?

  • My favourite thing about summer is finding clothing that covers my big fat arms and ass up… oh wait.

    • Charlotte

      FAT ARMS AND LEGS? Get out Terri Lowe. Go home etc.

  • I love your passion for summer in this post!
    My favourite thing has to be wearing my polka dot dress, drinking a pint of Guinness and exploring the countryside near where I live!

    • Charlotte

      I think I fell in love with you purely for the pint of Guinness x