Reasons I Love Christmas

Due to personal circumstance, I’m not particulary feeling the festiveness of Christmas at the moment. I have no tree up, I’ve bought no presents, I’m pretty much dodging out of Christmas (except for the Christmas dinner) I thought I should perhaps join the “jingle bells” club and do a festivey type post.
These are the 10 things I love most about Christmas.
1, Presents – who doesn’t like presents? Show me the person who doesn’t like presents and give me their presents!

2, Being able to drink Baileys/Sherry/Bucks Fizz before 10am without being judged. The festive season is just BETTER when spent in a day long slightly tipsy haze.

3, “Pacing yourself” doesn’t exist at Christmas. All selection boxes/chocolate vanishes like something from Cinderella after New Years Eve – so you better get that shiz eaten (everyone puts on weight at Christmas – it’s okay!)

4, Christmas songs. No matter how “bahhumbug” I try to be, give me the opening notes of All I Want for Christmas is Yo (ooooo, baby!) and I’ll be dancing like a Mariah in a snowsuit with Reindeers. It’s like Christmas in heroin form, once it’s in your ears – you’re a gonna. (like Christmas songs, see my Christmas playlist)

5, PRAWN COCKTAIL AND SPROUTS AND PICKLES AND BEETROOT AND TRIFLE AND PORK PIES. These are all items are food that I know are available year round, but that I only eat at Christmas.

6, Christmas films, more specifically Home Alone. Every year without fail I watch Home Alone 1 and 2 (Home Alone 3 was sh!t) – I know its not traditionally festive, what with the whole burglar/young boy dynamic but its an absolute classic. As is Sound of Music.

7, No matter whose house you go to over Christmas, whether youre visiting family, inlaws, friends – whatever, someone else cracks out Monopoly. People don’t play board games enough these days, its all Wii this and XBox that, whatever happened to baggsying being “the dog” and the banker so you could sneakily slip yourself a couple of 100’s? (Just me?)

8, No work. Where I work we get the entire week off for Christmas. Depending what day Christmas falls on (like day of the week, I’m aware its always the 25th) this = lots of lovely lie ins to nurse lots of lovely Bucks Fizz/Baileys/Mulled Wine/Sherry hangovers – or start drinking again (see point number 2)

9, Christmas glamour – whether you’re off to a Christmas party or going out for a Christmas meal, I love that it gives you the perfect excuse to go a little more glam than usual. This is a time of the year when sequins and glitter are expected! I don’t know about you, but when I’m planning an outfit/makeup, I have that many “looks” planned in my head that I could style an entire month. Christmas party season? Perfect excuse to try all those looks you’ve wanted to try but have never had the chance.

And last but not least….

10, I know it sounds sappy, but what I love most about Christmas is spending time with the people you love. Throughout the course of the year, everyone is always busy doing their own thing but when it comes to Christmas, everyone is ready to eat, drink and be merry TOGETHER. It warms my cockles no end.

What do you love about Christmas?

  • Sam Pearce

    Wot about my Christmas dinner bird,I’m sure that’s something to look forward too.

    • Charlotte

      Haha your Christmas dinner was the highlight of my entire Christmas dude but then again that goes without saying x